How To Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Philadelphia

Many people might have been encouraging you that you do not need a lawyer when filing for bankruptcy. This advice is not necessarily the best idea. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer will save your property and will help to wipe off your debt from your creditors. Bankruptcy law is an uneasy aspect of the law that you should not handle carelessly or on your own. If you make a mistake while defending yourself, you can end up losing all your hard-earned assets and the ability to refile a case. After you have filed bankruptcy, the next thing to do is to hire an experienced and qualified lawyer that you can communicate with. In this post, we have suggested ways on how to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

meeting a bankruptcy lawyer

#1 Conduct an Initial Search

When your creditor or bank file a bankruptcy, the first thing to do is to search for a bankruptcy lawyer. You can ask someone who was filed for bankruptcy, ask them on which attorney helped them with their bankruptcy, or which lawyer would they recommend for your bankruptcy file.

Besides this, you can consult a  list of bankruptcy lawyers Philadelphia for a lawyer whom you can count on your bankruptcy file. Philadelphia’s lawyers know how to keep your creditor and help you get back to your feet.

#2 Look For Client Review

Before hiring an attorney, look for reviews from a past client. Relate past client bankruptcy lawsuit to your own to be assured that the lawyer can handle your bankruptcy file. A good lawyer must respond to your calls and emails within a day. Do not settle with a lawyer that has testimonies of not returning calls on time.

#3 Schedule an Initial Consultation

After you might have decided lawyers that you would like to work with, schedule an initial consultation with at least three to four lawyers. Most bankruptcy lawyers do not charge a consultation fee for their first consultation. You should not hire an attorney that cannot set up a consultation within two weeks.

#4 Interview Each Attorney on the Lawsuit

Whenever you are going for your first consultation with each of the attorneys, write questions on your bankruptcy lawsuit. Ask questions such as how long has he or she practices bankruptcy law. What is the percentage of bankruptcy cases that he or she won, what similar cases have he or she handled, and a lot more? Make in-depth research of the lawyer that you are hiring to protect your property.

meeting a lawyer

#5 Make Your Final Decision

Now that you have interviewed each lawyer, compare the prospective lawyer’s cons and pros. Then select the best lawyer based on your self-evaluation. When deciding the best attorney for the job, consider your budget for the service charges. So select the best lawyer with the best service to cost ratio. However, you can call some attorneys with whom to bargain for service fees. Let them know that you do not have enough funds for the lawsuit.

#6 Document the Details of the Representation

Once you have decided the lawyer, request from him or her to write your service terms and conditions, the service fee, and how you are going to pay his or her service fees. Seal the contact.

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