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How Lebron James Influenced Voting In 2020

When the world’s most successful athletes step up and lobby for change, people often respond by listening. At least that’s what happened this year as Los Angeles forward, Lebron James and other players improved voter turnout in America. Below we’ll take a look how he was able to successfully motivate more people to cast their vote.

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The initiative also pushed stadiums and courts to be utilized as voting facilities for election day

The powerful “More than a Vote” initiative

Earlier this year, Lakers star Lebron James teamed up with other NBA players with one goal in mind: to fight systematic voter suppression in the U.S election season. The result of their efforts was an extremely successful initiative entitled: “More than a Vote.” The powerful name symbolizes that voting in America is a right for all, but that the long history of Black voter suppression in America makes this less than a reality. James and fellow athletes were especially motivated by the unjust murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor earlier this year which shocked the nation. The nonprofit organization fueled thousands of votes across the country, encouraging entire communities to hit the polls, especially among younger generations.

Lebron James is widely considered the best player in the NBA, hugely influential in his team’s appearance in top NBA picks throughout last season and beyond. Because of his position, people undoubtedly take notice. The way that he was able to come together with other star athletes in the league and create “More than a Vote” only further demonstrates his dedication in all he puts his mind to.

The huge impact on ex-felons in Florida

The basketball superstar also made a huge impact this year on the voting rights for ex-prisoners in the state of Florida. By donating over $100,000 to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, he was able to ensure that this specific community be given their voting rights back. The former Miami Heat player understood the importance of Florida voters during this election season and knew that citizens in this state could not be refused the right to vote. Other notable Florida names offered to match James’s generous contribution such as Orlando attorney John Morgan. When influential people get involved with something so important as voting rights, others step up to the plate as well. After all, exercising the constitutional right to vote is one of the biggest ways to make a tangible difference and get involved in democracy. Lebron sure let his voice be heard this year and has benefited thousands of people across economic classes and racial groups in the process.

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2020’s elections saw an increase in voter turnout, especially from younger generations

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