How Might The Metaverse Impact Gaming?

The metaverse is the new buzzing term that we hear every day. It implies leveraging the Extended Reality (XR) technology, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), to provide a unique immersive experience where you can interact with other users, and live within a new virtual world.

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Many consider the metaverse the future of social life, meetings, fashion, gaming, and real estate. These high expectations justify the huge expenditure on developing this virtual world, and as the bar keeps rising, it’s expected that this new market will be worth more than $750 billion by 2026.

It’s fair to say that gaming is the finding notion of the metaverse, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games from the first-person perspective, in a wholly new experience as if you’re inside the game.

There’s a rise in gaming software and developers fostering VR technologies today. We’re talking about big names like Epic Games, Netent Games, and Microsoft. The range of gaming options inside the metaverse keeps expanding to include arcade games, shooting games, casinos, and slot games. Once you put on your VR glasses, you can join the virtual world and enjoy games like you never did before.

Therefore, once these technologies are finessed, people may substitute their joysticks with VR glasses, entering a new world where you become in charge of your game, and interact with other players gathering around table games in virtual casinos.

Games that embrace the metaverse

The popular online video game and platform, Roblox, took the initiative in embedding the metaverse into its world by collaborating with a fashion brand. Roblox partnered with Gucci, and are together creating a world where you can see avatars walking with branded apparel and accessories.

The creation of Gucci Garden means that users could buy designer clothes, show off their taste in fashion, and trade these items in an in-game marketplace. This announcement is a virtual mirroring of a real-life situation, where people acquire the best apparel and trade them in a real-life market.

VR AR Virtual Reality Gaming
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Fortnite by Epic Games is another example of a trending online game that gathers millions worldwide, and offers them a new immersive experience powered by the elements of the metaverse.

It’s not always about wearing VR glasses to hop inside the game, but other elements that construct the metaverse, such as the in-game marketplace, tokens, and avatars, shape this new virtual world.

Players in Fortnite are highly involved in trading player skins, weaponry accessories, and other wearables such as bags and landing gears, which opens the doors for a very busy marketplace.

Additionally, transactions in Fornite’s marketplace are done using tokens, despite not wholly functioning as a crypto token. Still, this concept serves the idea of a decentralized financial system, where people worldwide exchange fiat money for V-Bucks.

Wrapping up

It might be early to enter the metaverse right now, but it’s fair to say that the future is getting nearer, and new technologies don’t seem to slow down. Going inside the digital world can allow us to practice our daily habits virtually, play games, participate in trading inside NFT marketplaces, and interact with other users as avatars.

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