How Much Does Door Installation Cost In Toronto In 2023?

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Your home’s front door – the face of your home, its protection, and your comfort. Every apartment owner knows that putting in a good door by yourself is very difficult. Just screaming something like “Install door for my house, North York!” won’t help either.

You will succeed only if you have already installed the door, have the necessary tools, and are confident that the opening is without irregularities and other problems.

In all other cases, order the installation of professionals, so you do not think to yourself how to install doors for my house north.

3 reasons to change your mind about installing the door yourself

  • Time savings: professionals will do everything in a few hours, and you can spend a whole weekend. Think about how much an hour of your work costs then.
  • Quick solution to sudden problems. Need to widen an opening in an emergency? Trim a metal platband? Or insulate a box? The master has all the necessary materials and tools to solve the problem here and now, without stopping the work.
  • Installation Guarantee. When you order installation services, you get a warranty. I.e. if you have half a year later the door is hard to close, you can ask for warranty service. And if you install it yourself, any misalignment and malfunction – are on your shoulders.

Installation of interior doors by professionals — is it important?

Many people believe that it is possible to install doors themselves. Of course, no one can forbid you to perform the installation yourself, but still, we recommend turning to professionals. Why? There are several reasons!

You do not need to buy materials and tools

If you use the help of our professionals in the installation you can save a considerable part of the money on necessary materials and tools because the masters come with their tools and materials for the door installation.

No mistakes

Installing a door requires following some nuances. If something is missed, then you can make a big mistake during installation, which will harm the performance of the door.


You give full responsibility to the master.

Compliance with standards

Doors before installation should rest in a horizontal position for at least three days in the room where the door will be installed. Compliance with international rules and standards is very important!

A closer look at entrance doors: which one do you need?

fiberglass door

Types in terms of materials:

  1. Aluminum. Such models are used in architectural design or when decorating the house in styles: modern or hi-tech.
  2. Wood. Doors made of wood look expensive and exquisite. With the help of modern technologies, it is possible to eliminate all the shortcomings during the manufacture of wooden entrance doors.
  3. Plastic. The design of the plastic entrance door is reliable, if a qualitative profile was used in its manufacture and the technology was followed.
  4. Steel. These are reliable and durable models, protecting the house from the influence of external factors or burglary.

What are the entrance doors according to their purpose:

  1. Impact-resistant. Entrance doors with increased strength level characteristics.
  2. Bulletproof and fireproof. Metal doors made of high-strength alloys, treated with reinforcing compositions.
  3. Sealed. This type of door is not common in private construction; suitable for domestic and technological applications.
  4. Sound absorbing. Doors that absorb sound from the outside environment, do not allow noise to enter the house.

Entrance doors are classified by the opening type:

By the method of opening:

  • The hinged models are divided into left or right sides and inward or outward openings. An entrance door model that opens outward will create less heat loss compared to an inward-opening door.
  • Sliding models are classified according to whether they open to the left or the right. Sliding doors are rarely used in private construction, because of the laborious production and installation of such structures. Sliding models are installed as interior doors.

Types of doors by the number of panels:

  • Single-leaf doors – made of a one-door leaf;
  • Half doors – made of two leaves, of which only one opens;
  • Double-leaf doors – solid and large doors with two equally opened two similarly sized leaves.

Types of doors by design and appearance:

  1. Rectangular – standard;
  2. Arched – the top of the door ends in a semicircle;
  3. Equipped with dormers – Such “inserts” are used not to make the door heavier if the height of the opening is increased;
  4. With decorative inserts or glazing. For entrance doors, special glass inserts and reinforced grilles are used. Additional elements add personality to the door.

Entrance doors are divided into classes, depending on the level of safety:

  • Grade 1. Protects the door against tampering with force or simple tools;
  • Class 2. Excludes opening the door with mechanical tools;
  • Grade 3. Excludes breaking in the door with mechanical tools and power tools up to 500 W;
  • Grade 4. Doors with resistance to mechanical and intellectual burglary are equal to armored doors.

The above classifications will help you determine what kind and type of entrance door will be optimal for your home: will protect the occupants from burglary, and bad weather, and keeping heat in the room will complement the interior and exterior of the building. Besides, if we speak about the classification of the level of burglary, everything is solved by the price.

A rule of thumb: the higher the price of a door, the less chance of a break-in. Keep it in mind before you install a door for your house in North York.

Will it cost a lot? The price for door installation in Toronto

The average market price for installing a front door will cost you $1,300, with prices ranging from $600 to $1,900.

A low-quality door costs about $330, and a custom door with hardware and a door frame will cost owners $5,200, the highest price. Also, the price varies with the material and its quality, size, and type of door.

It is also worth pointing out the differences in price depending on the size of the door for this very reason single doors are cheaper than double doors.

Standards are:

  • Height — 80;
  • Width — 20,32,34,36 inches.

This type of door can be purchased at any home improvement store. They will cost anywhere from $500 to $5000.

If you need doors of a certain size, the price gets noticeably higher, already from $800 to $20000

Also, the price range will vary depending on the material and type of door above. Range from glass doors ($200-500) to bulletproof with the highest level of protection ($15000-25000).

fiberglass door

The Final Word

Depending on whether an entrance door or an interior door is closed or open, it fulfills a certain mental function – a protective function.

Carrying out significant protection of modern doors compared to the massive door leaf of past centuries is unlikely to be possible, but marking for family members and guests at the home boundary of personal space is quite possible.

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