How To Avoid Mistakes When Writing An Essay?

Reflections are presented in free form or are arranged in a certain sequence (according to plan), and it depends on the common type of composition. Despite the specific features of writing a certain type of essay, there are typical mistakes characteristics of essay reasoning, and the thesis statement expresses. Some of them, as well as methods for their elimination, might lead your essay to the catawampus.

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Essentials for Writing a Good Essay

An essay is a creative work that teachers love. But the students do not like to cope with it. So there are a lot of college essay mistakes.

Usually, it expresses the author’s position on a particular issue and does not focus on truth and completeness. Therefore, many teachers consider it the most creative way of testing students’ knowledge.

Do not forget that all attention is concentrated on the writing person. The main thing in academic essay writing is to talk about core values, interests, and experiences.

Try not to choose inappropriate material. You should not write an essay in an aggressive color, it can push away. Information such as relationships, religion, and political views is extremely personal and controversial. Therefore, do not put it in your essay if you don’t want to make college essay mistakes.

And if you want to shed the light on one of the topics, it is best to do it as neutral as possible.

No need to be secretive. The text should be frank and honest. No need to tell fables, because they still come out, sooner or later.

No need to write passive text. Such a text should be written so that, reading it, there is a positive impression of the person who wrote it. And don’t write long sentences.

Any good academic essay must necessarily begin with a short outline. This will help you collect your thoughts and build a logical chain of arguments if you write an essay.

Although the academic essay can be written quite freely, there are some tricks, applying which you can cope with the task much faster and more successfully.

Many rely on the opening remarks and, with its help, capture the reader’s attention. This is the right decision, as the introduction contains the wording of the problem. A well-written introduction helps to tune the reader to the desired emotional wave and smoothly approach the research problem.

The main part of the academic essay is assigned to the formulation of various points of view on a specific problem. Includes subparagraphs consisting of 3 sections: thesis, rationale, and sub-conclusion.

Argumentation is important here. With its help, readers are convinced that the expressed point of view is correct. The arguments are life stories, the opinions of researchers, links to the research of the writer, etc.

The online introduction should contain a brief description of the problem, an example from your own life, the words of great people, any opening thoughts on the problem, and the main thesis of your work. Usually, the academic essay introductory part takes two to three sentences. Its purpose is to captivate the reader, make him want to read the text completely.

The main part consistently proves your point of view expressed in the introduction. It is better to break the content of the essay into several paragraphs following various aspects of the problem. Firstly, it will show that you can structure thoughts, and secondly, it will greatly facilitate the work of the reviewer or the reader. This section encourages the use of statistical data, various quotes, facts, a description of illustrative examples from life – all that will help you prove your point of view, which you stated at the very beginning avoiding the writing mistakes.

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Before you write your online essay, check out other examples written on the same topic or in a freestyle.

Use imagery as well as an aphorism. Your work should combine the features of artistic and journalistic styles, the main features of which are the abundance of metaphors and images. You can use aphorisms, neologisms, puns, and more. Check your writing mistakes thoroughly.

When creating a common college essay, do not abuse the business, scientific or clerical styles. Write simply, but brightly, but do not use a lot of foul languages, slang, etc.

When writing a common college essay, many of us make some common mistakes, punctuation mistakes, avoiding which you can create a good essay: among others, the following should be mentioned:

  • do not break the college essay logic: do not jump from one thought to another;
  • pay attention to correct and unambiguous arguments;
  • coordinate the parts of the college essay with each other;
  • do not use too many words: describe what you need with several concepts;
  • do not make spelling essay mistakes;
  • check the text for the correctness of speech turns (phraseological units, antonyms, and synonyms);
  • follow the academic writing stylistic norms;
  • do not make actual mistakes.

Besides, any essay should have a problem. The author’s academic essay should concentrate on revealing the problem, describing his own experience and impressions about this, suggestions for solutions, and certain conclusions.

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So, according to the article the typical essay writing mistakes are:

  1. Incomplete or incorrect disclosure of the topic
  2. False essay idea is one of the writing mistakes
  3. Violation of the logic and sequence of presentation of the material
  4. Weak statement
  5. Substitution of common essay analysis with a retelling of the text
  6. The disproportion of the composition, the lack of individual parts of the composition
  7. Actual mistakes students make, distortion of quotation material; poor knowledge of factual material
  8. Lack of conclusions and research
  9. Spelling, stylistic, punctuation writing mistakes.

A  college essay is a work of art and requires the author to express himself and to show his creative beginning. Show your vocabulary, personality, and originality.

Make text vibrant, catchy, and not like millions of others. This is your main goal when writing an essay, and keep an eagle eye on the common mistakes.

This article was written by Timothy Lyall – an editor from PapersOwl team, he is involved in editing and writing content for various educational blogs and resources. Sean has been successfully working in this field for 5 years.

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