How To Choose A Fragrance For A Man

fragrance for a man

For centuries, people have worn perfumes and colognes to enhance their physical appeal or just to smell nice. Good fragrances can lift your mood, evoke memories, and be your signature mark. There are studies on how people perceive and react to the different perfumes in the market according to their personality. Certainly, buying a fragrance can be a difficult task, especially when you are buying it for somebody else. Here’s everything you need to know about fragrances and choosing one for a man:

Choosing a scent

Each fragrance has different notes that determine the overall scent. In addition, there are layers to these notes that are called: the base, top, and middle notes, and together they form the overall scent. Because of different combinations of notes and layers there are different perfumes. For instance, some perfumes are floral as they are a mixture of gardenia, rose, and other flowers. Others contain spices like cinnamon and they are considered exotic. Before you buy a fragrance for somebody else, make sure you find out which kind of scent they usually like.

Therefore when you choose a fragrance you have to try to capture the person’s spirit and style. If he adventurous and outdoorsy? Or more elegant and chic? Is he shy or outgoing?  Based on the different personalities there are different scents:

#1 Classic

Aromatic and citric fragrances are the traditional choice for men who are confident and want to feel empowered.

#2 Bold

If he likes to stand out and set trends he will want a unique fragrance. Choose a more edgy perfume with notes of wood and fruit or grass.

#3 Sensual

Some men are charismatic and sophisticated, and they use perfume to evoke the senses and make themselves look more attractive. The ideal fragrance for these people are the exotic, oriental ones.

#4 Casual

If the person you are choosing a perfume for is more relaxed or likes the outdoors, he needs a perfume that makes him feel stimulated every day. Buy him one that has a more natural and cleaner scent.

Which kind of fragrance is the best?

The term “fragrance” is a generic word used for different products. Fragrances are unisex and they come in different forms:

  • Eau Fraiche: this is a diluted version of a perfume and only lasts for less than an hour as it contains only 3% of perfume oil diluted in alcohol.
  • Eau de Cologne: this term is wrongly used for masculine fragrances when, in fact, they are unisex. They have more concentration of perfume oil than the eau fraiche and they last longer.
  • Eau de Toilette: cheaper than perfumes, toilettes have 15% of perfume essence diluted in alcohol and they last for some hours.
  • Perfume: perhaps the most expensive of all (and for a good reason), it contains 20% of essence or more, so it lasts for up to 8 hours.
  • Parfum: this version is the oilier and most concentrated one of all. Some people like stronger fragrances that last for 24 hours. The concentration of oil is of 30% so they are much stronger.

How much are you willing to spend?

When buying a good perfume money should not be an impediment as the best fragrances are usually quite expensive. There are imitations and cheaper brands, but they have nothing on the good ones. The best brands use top-quality ingredients, better marketing strategies and nicer packaging. If the fragrance is exclusive, it is going to be more expensive as the ingredients may be scarce.

Now that you know all the basic information about the different types of fragrances you are ready to choose one on your own. It is not an easy task and, the more you know the person’s personality traits, the easier it will be to choose a scent for him.

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