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How To Create The Perfect Workout Schedule

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Knowing where to begin with a workout schedule can take time and effort. With fitness influencers or personal trainers telling you one thing and the internet saying another, it’s hard to know what is the best plan of action. If you’re looking to create the perfect workout schedule and become your best self, look no further!

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your physique. The first thing you need to do to create the perfect workout schedule is understand what your goals are and make a plan of action on how to achieve them. By writing down specific starting measurements and weights, you will be able to truly see where you’re starting from (and it will be harder to ignore). Once you have your starting measurements, write down your goal measurements and weight. Think about what you want to look like, whether you want to grow a certain muscle or group of muscles, or whether you want to improve stamina or weight lifting. It’s all down to you, but the main thing is to write down on paper what your specific goals are. The key word here is to be specific. Once you’ve got your starting and goal measurements down, you need to work out a realistic time frame to achieve your goals, and how you will get there within this time frame.


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Realistically, making a workout schedule and sticking to it with determination is one thing, but what happens when you’re struggling to see the results, even though you’re putting in as much effort as you can? If you have the means, it might be worth looking into supplements or aids to help you achieve your goals that bit easier. Taking supplements such as creatine or whey protein can be a great way to do this, or finding other muscle building items by using the search term “steroids online Canada” can bring your goals to you quicker, which can be the biggest motivation to continue on your fitness journey.

Be Realistic

One of the biggest reasons people fail on their health and fitness journey is simply not being realistic enough. It’s imperative that you have a schedule that you can stick to, otherwise, it will just be too easy to throw it out the window once it starts to feel a bit difficult. Real and lasting results are achieved through persistence and consistency, and for you to stick to a schedule, it needs to be catered to your life and and work around you. So, write down everything else that takes up your time, such as work, family obligations, or hobbies. Once you realise how many hours are left in the day, you’ll be able to start scheduling in the time needed to achieve your goals, and not give up this time. And don’t forget to be realistic about where you’re starting from. Know your fitness levels and how hard to push yourself, you won’t want to stick to it if it’s too hard from the get-go.

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