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How To Get Student Life Right

There are few times more exciting in anyone’s life than heading off to college. University is a totally unique time in just about anyone’s life. It’s your first real taste of independence away from your parents and your hometown but it’s also kind of a barrier between childhood and the big and scary adult world. Because of that, a lot of the time it can feel like a pretty big challenge to figure out exactly how you’re supposed to handle that kind of experience. Well, who better to help guide you through it than someone who’s been through it themselves! With that in mind, here’s a guide to really making the most of your college experience.

Embrace the nightlife

student life party

When you go to college, you’re there to learn, obviously. That’s your main objective and you should always keep it in mind. That being said, if studying is the only thing that you’re doing at college, you’re almost certainly missing out. The truth is that student nights out are some of the most fun you will have in your entire life! Whether it’s a silent disco, a neon rave, a foam party, or just a real rager at someone’s dorm, so much of the nightlife when you’re at college is the most exciting that you will ever experience. Of course, it’s important to remember that, no matter how much fun you’re having, it’s always best to be safe. It’s far better to stick to a couple of drinks, dance the night away, and end up safe in your bed, than end up doing something to embarrass yourself or even put your health at risk.

Really connect with people

Being away from home can be really strange because you often end up in a position where you suddenly don’t know anyone at all. All of your old friends are away at their own colleges or back home, and suddenly you’re in a new place without anyone familiar around. That’s why it’s so important to make some real friends when you’re at college. The best part is that you’re all people at the same stage of life so you’re almost certainly going to have more than a little bit in common. People in your classes will reflect your interests, and many of them will be the kinds of people you might not have connected with in the past. The friends you make at university are often some of the friends that you hold onto for the longest.

Don’t spend all your energy on romance

There’s a decent chance that while you’re at college you’re going to meet someone who you end up wanting to be quite a bit more than friends with. And that’s great! After all, you’re out in the adult world now and romance is a big part of that. However, don’t fall into the trap of putting all of your energy into romance. The truth is that whether it’s a serious relationship or a college fling if you spend all of your energy on that kind of thing you’re going to end up missing out on a whole lot of wonderful things in college that you’ll regret. You don’t want to miss out on spending time with friends or having incredible experiences because you were in your room sobbing because some boy or girl didn’t like you back.

Do go to your classes!

student life classroom

Reading this, it might be easy to assume that the college experience is all about the social side of things. And sure, there’s no denying that the social element of it is a huge part of the college experience and is something that you could definitely embrace. That being said, the reason that you’re at college is to get your degree and you’re never going to be able to do that if you don’t go to your classes. If you’re out every night and missing classes or showing up hungover every day you’re never going to get the most out of your degree and that’s something you’re really going to regret later in life. The key is to find a decent level of balance but when it all comes down to it, and you really have to make a choice, your classes really should take priority.

Don’t be afraid to need a little support from home

No matter how fun and exciting college can be, being away from home for the first time is always going to come with a lot of challenges. For one thing, it can be pretty scary to suddenly feel like the safety net of home is gone. However, it’s important to remember that home will always be there if you need it and there’s nothing wrong with needing to visit or even just call up your folks if you really need them. The other issue is one of money. Handling your own money for the first time can be scary but the key is to make the right choices and get advice from your folks. Stuff like paying for your own phone is a big step so things like can be incredibly useful. Remember, just because you’re heading out on your own doesn’t mean that home isn’t waiting for you when you need it.    

One thing that a lot of people won’t tell you, but that is still incredibly important to know, is that college isn’t necessarily for everyone. You might get to college and find yourself feeling utterly miserable all of the time. This could be because you hate your major and changing it would help, or it might just be that the environment of a university just isn’t the right one for you. The most important thing to remember is that, if you don’t have the college experience that everyone else is saying you need to have, that doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. You’re your own person and the only person who should be able to dictate what you do with your life is you.

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