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How To Know If Your Favourite Restaurant Is Dirty

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Restaurants are ideal places for trying out delicious meals, meeting new friends, and eating healthy dinners with your family, without worrying about cleaning up. While restaurants help you break the monotonous routine of cooking at home, the last thing you want is to eat in a dirty place. Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics reveals that 93% of consumers admit that restaurant cleanliness is important for a memorable experience, according to Grande Cheese Company. But how can you determine if a restaurant is dirty? Whether you enjoy eating out with friends and family, or alone, below are ways to tell if your favorite restaurant is unhygienic.

Dirty Menus

The look of the menu is a telltale sign of how clean a restaurant is. If the menu looks dirty, torn, or greasy, it’s a sign that the eatery’s sanitation levels don’t meet set standards. A dirty menu increases the risk of contracting diseases. After all, hundreds of customers have held the same menu and if it’s not clean or sanitized regularly, you’ll be picking up germs from other people who touched it before you.

Fortunately, there are simple ways restaurants can keep menus clean to safeguard the health of their customers. This includes waterproofing menus to prevent stains and grease from sticking. Waterproof menus are also easy to clean with a wet, soapy microfiber cloth, and these can also be disinfected with bleach.

The Interiors And Exterior Spaces Are Filthy

Before ordering food in a restaurant, make it a habit to inspect the exterior and interior spaces. Do you notice litter on the driveways, damaged awnings, or grime on exterior walls? Are there sauce stains on the walls or dirt stacked up on the corners? Do your shoes stick on the floor when you walk? If yes, those are indicators of a dirty restaurant. Another excellent way to tell if it’s safe to eat at a restaurant is by inspecting the bathroom.

Keep in mind that if bathroom floors are dirty, the toilets look gross, the sinks and mirrors have stains, and toilet paper or soap is running low, it’s clear that the restaurant doesn’t prioritize cleanliness. It’s also likely that the mess extends to the kitchen. Reputable restaurants invest in professional restaurant cleaning services to ensure their premises are clean. Experienced commercial cleaners clean and disinfect the kitchen, toilets, floors, and windows regularly. That way, maintaining clean spaces for safe food consumption becomes an easy chore for restaurant owners.

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You Found Something in Your Food

Many people choose to dine in restaurants to enjoy delicious food prepared by professional chefs. But what if you find an insect, hair, or other foreign objects in your food? Finding anything unhealthy in your food shows how unprofessional the chefs and management of the restaurant are. Things like these could cause food poisoning or other serious health conditions. Restaurants must follow proper food safety guidelines, like ensuring all employees hold a food handling certificate. To protect the overall wellbeing of customers, cooks and servers should wash hands regularly, wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly, sanitize surfaces, and store food in safe temperatures.

Restaurant cleanliness determines how safe the food you’re ordering is. To ensure your favorite restaurant maintains high levels of hygiene, look at the menu. Inspect the floors, walls, bathroom, table tops, and food before eating. If you notice dirt, debris, and stains anywhere in the restaurant or find something inside your food, that’s a sign your favorite eatery is dirty.

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