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How To Pick The Right Clothing Sizes When Shopping Online

Saying that online shopping has made the shopping experience easy is an understatement. You have the entire world of shopping at your fingertips. The worldwide delivery services mean you can have your shopping delivered right to your doorstep. For fashion consumers, online shopping has made it possible to source clothes and accessories from different parts of the world. But only one problem remains – size. It’s common to buy clothes online only to find they’re not the right fit. Here’s how to pick the right clothing size online to avoid this problem.

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Know your current size

The first and most important thing is to know your current size. Of course, you checked your measurements a year ago, but they may not be accurate a year later, as you may have gained or lost weight in some places. So, always measure yourself correctly and note your current sizes before shopping. At least measure your bust, hips, waist, and inseam to give you a good idea of what clothes will fit. Ideally, you can take these measurements in the nude. But if you’re wearing clothes, be mindful of how they will affect your measurements.

For outerwear, it’s best to measure with your clothes on. But for underwear like bras, you should measure while nude. When shopping for bras, consider websites that offer virtual fitting rooms to help you find sizes that fit. Online stores like ThirdLove, for example, have fitting rooms you can use to find ThirdLove bras and underwear that fit.

Look for a return policy

You don’t want to buy clothes from an online store that does not have a return policy. The best online stores have a free return policy that makes up for sizing issues and wrong fits.

If you find a website with a return policy, you can order two of the same clothes or garments in different sizes. This way, you can return the size that doesn’t fit. But before you opt for this strategy, ensure that the online store offers refunds for returned items so you can get your money back.

Use a size chart

While size charts can be slightly confusing, they can help you find the right fit. Consider using a Size & Fit chart or guide, as that is easier to use and offers more accurate sizes. Plus, Size & Fit charts cover more than 600 fashion brands. You should also avoid buying from websites that use vanity sizing or size inflation, as it has rendered a lot of fashion labels and brands meaningless.

Read extensively on sizing information

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You’ll probably come across variations in product sizing information on different websites. And it’s important to read up on them before making any purchase to equip you with all the information you need. Most brands will try to maintain consistency in sizing information. Still, variations will likely show, so even if you’re used to buying from a particular online store, take the time to read about their product sizing information.

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