How Do I Prepare For A Cosmetic Surgical Procedure?

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After an exam and consultation with a surgeon, you are a prime candidate for a facelift and neck lift. Now it’s time to schedule the procedures and make sure you’re prepared for the surgery and the recuperation period. Expect the surgeon to provide guidelines that will help you get ready. Among the recommendations, here are four examples that need to be at the top of your list.

Know When to Stop or Reduce Your Use of Medications and Supplements

If you currently take any prescription or over the counter medications daily, some or all of them will need to be reduced or cut out altogether in the days leading up to the procedure. That’s because some of them may thin the blood or otherwise increase the risk of complications during the surgery or the recovery period. Go over every medication that you take and listen to the advice of your surgeon.

The same goes for any nutritional supplements that you currently take. Just like medications, some supplements could produce results that are fine under the usual circumstances but could cause problems during the procedure or while you’re recovering. Rest assured that the surgeon will know when it’s safe for you to resume taking those supplements.

Make Sure Your Home is Stocked With Food and Everything Else You’ll Need

There are plenty of things that you need to buy and keep in the house prior to your surgery date. That includes foods that contain the nutrients needed to support healing after the procedure. It doesn’t hurt if those foods also happen to be tasty since you will be spending all of your time at home for awhile.

Food isn’t all that you need to think about. Load up on hard-copy or electronic books that you can read. Make sure you have a list of movies or shows that you can stream and binge-watch. Now is also a great time to create play lists of music you can enjoy while you relax and recover. If it will help you pass the time and still follow the surgeon’s guidelines, make sure it’s all in place before you head out for the procedure.

Arrange Transportation in Advance

Whether you’re going in for something that seems relatively minor or having some significant work done, the Calgary plastic surgeon will require that someone be on hand to take care of the driving once the surgery center releases you. Even if you seem to feel great, residual effects from the anesthesia could have your reflexes a little slow. That’s not safe for you or for anyone else on the road.

Be Mindful about Overdoing Things

Recuperation can get boring even when there’s plenty of food and lots of entertainment on hand. You may be tempted to work out or take on chores that require some lifting. Resist that urge until the surgeon indicates that it’s safe to exert yourself. Failing to do that could set back your recovery or increase the potential for post-surgical complications.

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Your goal is to use cosmetic surgery to correct something about your appearance that’s been bothersome in the past. Take proper care of yourself and the healing will move along without any complications. With the right approach to preparation and observing all of the surgeon’s recommendations, you’ll be ready to face the world sooner rather than later.

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