How To Recycle Waste After Long Distance Moving?

Long Distance Moving

If you’re one step away from moving into a new flat, it’s a good time to revise your possessions and get rid of everything you don’t need. But don’t just throw away old things. Firstly, it has a negative impact on the environment, and secondly, what you don’t need may well be useful to someone else.

Consider a few of the easiest alternatives to the rubbish bin.


Clothing and textiles that have lost their marketability can be recycled. Cotton is used to make wiping rags, which are used in printing shops and tire repair shops. Fabrics from other materials are shredded into the regenerated fiber, which resembles cotton wool. It is used for stuffing furniture, as well as for the production of construction materials (insulation and noise insulators).

Where to take old clothes for recycling:

  • recycling collection points,
  • eco-centres,
  • clothing and footwear shops that accept items for recycling in exchange for discounts.

You can also recycle old or broken appliances. Many electronics and home appliance shops accept used appliances and equipment for recycling free of charge. Large retailers often organize promotions where they take away old appliances for free or offer discounts on new products in exchange for recycling.

Interesting fact: One washing machine can make more than 30 door handles or several meters of pavement, and an old printer can be used to make about 6 new keyboards.

How to Get Rid of Old Stuff When Moving

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Give to Сharity

You can give unwanted items to those who don’t have the means to buy them. As a rule, charitable organizations accept clothes, shoes, home textiles, pillows, blankets, children’s toys, books, and stationery for children.

Where to give things to charity:

  • Charitable foundations and projects.
  • Humanitarian aid centers and temporary accommodation centers.
  • Orphanages, nursing homes, and homes for the elderly and disabled.
  • Social service centres.
  • Shelters for homeless animals.

Each charity organization has its own conditions for accepting items and the procedure for their transfer. For example, some charitable foundations take the items themselves or set up containers in crowded places to collect them.

It is important that all items are in good condition and fit for use. Clothes, textiles, and soft toys should be washed, shoes cleaned, and books glued.

Order a Removal Service

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If your goal is to get rid of unnecessary things faster and all at once, you can resort to the help of special companies. Such organizations help to organize the removal of things turnkey—they themselves will come, dismantle and remove furniture and equipment, and load things. Then, this property is sorted—some of it is sent for sale or for charity, and everything that is not to be used is recycled.

Some companies provide this kind of service for a fee. In this case, they accept any items—appliances, furniture, clothes, construction waste. There are also organizations that are ready to come and take away things you don’t need for free or even pay their clients to hand things over. But in this case, there are certain requirements for the surrendered property.

Give It to Thrift Shops

If you do not want to give things for free but do not have time to find a buyer, you can give them on commission. The principle of commission shops is very simple: You bring used goods, which are put up for sale. The shop takes about 30-40% of the proceeds in exchange for their services.

A commission agreement is signed with the shop in advance. It specifies the amount of remuneration and the procedure for marking down unsold goods. Some commission shops charge for storage.

You can also apply to the points of redemption—in this case, you will immediately receive in cash about one-third of the estimated value of the surrendered items.

What you can hand over:

  • Household and office equipment
  • Sports and travel equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Interior items
  • Furniture
  • Crockery

Sell Online

You can sell things that are in normal condition, such as furniture and appliances, through classified sites or social networks. This option is the most profitable but, at the same time, the most labor-intensive—you will have to spend time writing ads, photographing things, communicating, and meeting with buyers. Finding a buyer isn’t always quick, so it’s best to start the process as early as possible.

If your goal is to get rid of things in a short period of time, you can specify a purely symbolic value in the ad. This way, you can save money on the removal of old appliances and furniture.

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