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How To Save Money On Overseas Car Rentals

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Having a personal car for your foreign trip is one of the best ways to explore that place at your own pace. Rental cars come with a lot of benefits, as you can travel at your own pace and you will have complete freedom to enjoy your trip.

Hiring a rental car is quite an easy and budget-friendly option to choose from. But, if you don’t research well, the cost of the car rental can really eat up your traveling budget, especially if you are traveling for the first time.

First of all, you need to search “Rent a car near me” by turning on your location. Check the customer’s reviews to know if the company is trustworthy and reliable. Check their rates and if they are offering any discounts. After that opt-in for your desired car. In this blog, we will provide several tips and tricks to save money on your rental car.

10 amazing tips to save money on overseas car rentals

Here are the top 10 proven tips to save money on your rental car:

Tip #1: Always start with comparing rates

Many of you might know that car rental prices fluctuate a lot according to traveling months and certain other reasons. So, it’s always a better idea to compare the car rental rates. You can search multiple car rental companies, check their rates and compare what company is offering the cheapest rates. You can enter pick-up and drop-off locations along with time and date. Moreover, you can check the car types and companies that are offering drop-off services. Once you get the best car and deal, you can book your car online by using your credit card. With a little research, you can easily save serious cash.

Tip #2: Book in Advance

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Another method to save money on your car booking is by booking the car online before your trip. Booking your car before you leave your country will not only save you from a lot of trouble but also help you to save cash. There are chances that car rental rates may fluctuate or if you can’t find any car in the top tourism season. With your advance car booking, you don’t have to worry about traveling once you arrive at your destination. Just tell your car rental company to deliver your car to your desired location and pick it up after arriving at the airport.

Tip #3: Always look for coupons and discounts

Before making a final deal, make sure to look for the coupon codes and discounts. You can also search the coupon codes for the specific car rental company. Another option is aggregation websites like Kayak to get the best car deals. You can also check if you can save extra by paying through credit card or debit card. You can also subscribe to the newsletter of car rental websites to collect discounts through emails and get notified whenever the rates are less.

Tip #4: Compare weekly vs monthly rental rates

Many companies offer rental cars on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you are going to visit any place for more than a month or so, you can rely on monthly car rental as it is too affordable as compared to daily or weekly car rental. Always opt-in for monthly rates if you are traveling for a long time. If you are traveling just for a week, then you should choose a weekly car rental instead of a daily one. Most car rental companies also offer rock bottom rates on weekends, so if you are lucky and you got flexible dates, this will work in your favor.

Tip #5: Be aware of the hidden cost

Most car rentals are charging a lot of hidden charges to get a few extra bucks. Always read your car rental agreement to check the things you are paying for. You can choose to pay for the things you need. For example, if a car rental company is asking you to pay for insurance, a baby seat, or a GPS, think again if you need it. You can easily get your insurance by paying through your credit card. In addition to that, you can use Google maps and bring your baby seat if needed to save extra money on overseas car rentals.

Tip #6: Take photos or videos of your car

photos of your car rental

One of the most important things to avoid spending extra money is by avoiding fines when you return the car. Just take out your cell phone and click photos of your rental car or take a video so that every ding or scratch will be visible. If the company claims later that they provided your car with a fine condition, you can show them the pictures or videos you recorded. If you lack proof or anything, the car rental company may deduct fines from your deposit fee.

Tip #7: Read about traffic rules

Another important thing you need to know is reading the traffic rules of the place you are going to travel to. It is very important especially if you are going to drive on the other side of the road or use a different hand drive than the one you are used to. Learn all details about the fines. Countries like Canada, USA, Britain, Australia and others have strict traffic rules. You may end up breaking traffic rules like speeding, overtaking, etc. You can search on Google to get the details of the respective country rules and regulations about traffic.


Here are the 7 clever tips to save money on your car rental. Make sure to follow these tips and search properly before you book your car. Moreover, if you are looking to save money you can choose a smaller or local no-frills rental company that caters to tighter budgets.

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