How To Select The Right Drinks For The Right Occasion

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Have you ever been embarrassed for selecting the wrong drink on a date or at a social event, or do you have trouble selecting a drink? This article solves your problem by giving you simple tips for choosing the right drink at home or in a restaurant. It’s not hard, but there are some tips.

The occasion

There is always a drink suitable for every occasion; you need to understand or research the perfect drink to order for an occasion and avoid being the awkward one in the crowd. Parties or celebratory occasions call for some nice wines from San Simeon Wines to boost the celebratory moods.

If you are celebrating office victory, completing a team project, a good team review, throwing a retirement party, you can treat your friends to bottles of beer at your house or your favorite bar. If you are doing a business deal, you can conclude and seal the deal with a glass of champagne or whisky and toast to future partnership and long-term friendship.

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Imagine sealing a deal with a cup of coffee? Embarrassing right? Coffee or hot drinks are suitable for casual first dates or friendship meetings. They are good for introductory sessions and setting the mood for long-term friendship or relationship.

For occasions such as meeting with a colleague or a client for planning and strategy sessions, you can both order a warm beverage, especially in the evenings. The beverage allows you to focus and concentrate on the matter at hand.

Dietary concerns and illnesses

We live in a society where everyone is concerned about sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. When you meet someone for a drink, you need to research a little about their preferred drinks and dietary concerns. Focus on the sugar levels, chemicals used in manufacturing, flavoring, and many more.

You can select the simplest drinks made from organic ingredients for those concerned about sustainability and healthy drinks. You can also blend some fruits to make a sweet fruit juice, or some guests may prefer a glass of milk due to illnesses.

Weather and seasons

Some drinks are more suitable for certain seasons and weather. Coffee and hot beverages can be good for evening outings and dates; however, they are not suitable for summer evenings. The coffee can be suitable for winter evenings or mornings to help you gain additional warmth. A hot chocolate drink can also boost your moods and give you positivity during the winter evenings. The drink is favorable when at home with guests, alone or when hanging out with friends.

For summer evenings or hot weather at one of the leading sunny destinations, you can try some mojitos made from tropical summer fruits. The drink is suitable for preserving positive and radiant summer feelings. Ensure you add some ice cubes during the hot summer days so that you can enjoy the chilling effects of the tropical fruits and drink.

bartender right drinks

What’s available?

Sometimes, you cannot get whatever drink you want or your most preferred drink. When there are limited options to select a drink, you can select a drink similar to your most preferred. These are the times to try something new though you should select one close to your most preferred drink.

Your company and friends

Have you ever been caught in a situation when you were not familiar with the drinks available, or you haven’t tried any of them? The best option is to select a drink similar to your friends on such occasions. You need to select the mildest drinks, especially when you are new to them.

Best Types Of Wines For Beginners

The type of drink to select also depends on the friends you are hanging out with. You can select the same drinks with them to match the occasion. Friends can also influence the type of drink you select, especially when you give them the freedom to select the drinks.

The food you are eating

Every food has a perfect drink to match it. Foods like beef, chicken, and other meat products would best go with wines or champagnes. Drinks such as mojitos can also serve as appetizers depending on the type of food you are anticipating.

Selecting the right drink should not be a problem if you stay observative and keep your options open. However, you need to remember that drinks should match the occasion, the needs of the people present, and other activities such as the food you are eating.

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