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How To Style Denim On Denim

Denim on denim, also known as double denim, is a fashion trend that has been around for decades. If you didn’t watch the 2001 American Music Awards red carpet, you’ve definitely read or heard aboubritneydenim1t Britney Spear’s and Justin Timberlake’s outfit that year. Their matching denim on denim outfits was, and still is, widely talked about. Let’s just say double denim was a definite no no after that debut. Contrary to popular belief, denim on denim can look amazing when done right and has been slowly reappearing on celebs. If you can follow these six style tips you too will be able to pull off the denim on denim look effortlessly.

Wear Contrasting Washes

Wearing the same wash of denim from head to toe can make the outfit look bland. Mixing different washes together will help break up the double denim and add some flare. Rihanna totally owns this look, choosing to pair her light denim shirt with darker washed denim skinny jeans.

rihanna, denim on denim, double denim

Break It Up With Prints

Prints and patterns can help livin’ up a denim on denim combo. This is truly noticeable when you have no choice but to pair the same color denim together. Take this polka dot scarf and stripped sweater for example. They take the attention away from the one color denim and spice up the outfit.

patterns and denim

Wear Coloured Denim

A great way to rock this look is to make it seem like you’re not wearing denim on denim at all. Remember, denim comes in many colours other than blue! Try pairing coloured denim skinny jeans, skirts or shorts with a denim shirt or jacket and voila!


Keep It Simple

When it comes to accessories like necklaces and bracelets, simplicity is important. For a clean, chic look don’t over do it. If you want your accessories to stand out, try pairing your outfit with some coloured shoes, belt or purse instead.


Layer Your Outfit

This is a perfect way to tone down denim on denim. The white loose blazer in this photo makes this otherwise casual ensemble more sophisticated. Layering with bold colors such as white, red or orange compliment double denim very well.


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