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How to Tell Your Fiancé What Diamond You Want

Platinum Art Diamond Engagement Ring

Remember that famous scene from the series “Sex and the City” where Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) accidentally sees her engagement ring while her fiancé Aidan is in the shower? She tries to contain her excitement after seeing the box. But when she opens it, she is surprised to see that the ring he picked is “ugly”.

Carrie is stressed out and she does not know what to do. How do you tell the love of your life, who probably spent thousands of dollars on your engagement ring, that it just sucks? Later, it is revealed that her best friend Miranda helped pick the design.

At this point, she is furious. How would they ever think that the “ugly” Marquise cut diamond ring would be a good fit for the stylish Carrie? (Click here to see the most memorable jewels on the show.)

Tensions were high when Aidan finally proposed. To Carrie’s surprise, he swapped the first ring with a gorgeous Asscher cut diamond ring. It sparkled like a million bucks. He told her that he thought the first ring was not her so he swapped it for a better one. He made the right call.

The Partner’s Nightmare

Picking out the design for an engagement ring can be very stressful. There are over 15 types of diamond cuts to choose from. Apart from that, there are other considerations such as clarity, carat, and color. We haven’t even talked about the budget just yet. But hey, you can’t put a price on love, right?

They say it’s a sign of the man is right for you if he buys the perfect engagement ring that fits your personality. But how can he find the one?

Show off your style

Let’s face it. Not all men are equal. Some men will exert a little more effort to let you have what you want. Some need a little bit of help. He may not be in the mood to play detective and go through your closet to find out your specific style. Tell him by showing off your style. Are you a simple girl who wears jeans? Are you a minimalist? Let him know you like the classic styles. Are you a little adventurous? Show him you may want a colored diamond ring. Or are you an old-fashioned girl who would rather keep a future heirloom for your daughter?

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Use the power of social media!

Nowadays, brides flock to social media to get some inspiration. Get some ideas from this website: and pin your favorite styles. If he still doesn’t have a clue, use your Instagram and Facebook stories to show off your desired ring.

Ask your family to drop some hints

It’s time for a little teamwork. Engage (pun intended) your family in the hunt for the best ring. Make them casually drop hints about that gorgeous Princess diamond cut you saw on Instagram. Or ask your siblings what you picked out for your sibling’s engagement ring.

Show him your other jewelry

It’s also wise to give your partner a little history lesson. Show him your jewelry box or layout your collection in your closet. Make sure you mention how much gold or silver you want around your diamonds. Casually tell him that you don’t like a Pear-shaped diamond and you would rather get a square cushion.

diamond wedding rings

Window shop for rings

Sometimes, having an honest conversation is what you need. Ask him if he wants to go ring shopping for fun. Don’t push too hard and hurt his ego. Try different options and lean towards what you like. Remember to ask for his opinion. Of course, you also need to ask what the budget is.

Get ideas from celebrities

There are a plethora of celebrities who showed off your engagement rings in 2019. Vogue wrote an article on the best celebrity engagement rings of all time. It shows you why diamond cuts matter. Check out some examples of the biggest celebrity splurges in the jewelry industry below:

  • Jennifer Lopez topped the list with an Emerald cut diamond from fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The 16-carat beauty is reportedly worth $1.8 million.
  • Model Hailey Baldwin got engaged to Justin Bieber in 2018. Still, people can’t get over her 10-carat Oval diamond ring. Good on you, Bieber!
  • It’s not everybody’s type but Cardi B’s 8-carat tear-shaped diamond is making every head turn. It may not be because of the style but rather its $500,000 tag price.
  • Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel chose a classic round-cut diamond with a platinum band for Miranda Kerr. The classic jewel costs as much as $100,000.


Remember that diamonds are forever but your future husband does not know that. Try any of these sneaky ways to let him know what you want. Stop worrying about the ring and start planning your wedding!

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