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How To Wear Your Loungewear Outside And Still Look Stylish  

Loungewear casual wear

After more than two years of the Covid pandemic, people have become quite fond of their loungewear outfits. As employees around the world transitioned from office life to work from home, sweatpants, hoodies, leggings, bamboo pajamas, tank tops and other similar pieces replaced office attire. Now that the worst seems to be behind us and many have returned to their normal routine, some find it difficult to part ways with these comfy garments, so much so that they decided to bring them out into the world. 

This prompts the question: have we gotten a little too comfortable? Should loungewear be kept for inside use only, or is it perfectly normal to sport these outfits outdoors? The answer to the last question is a definitive yes. There’s nothing inherently wrong with going out dressed head to toe in what has come to be known as the quarantine uniform. As long as you keep it decent, there’s no one stopping you from wearing whatever you like whenever and wherever you like. You certainly don’t have to worry about getting escorted by the fashion police back to your house to change into a smarter outfit. 

But there is a but. Although you want to enjoy the comfort, coziness and freedom of movement that loungewear provides, we’re guessing you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and stumbled directly onto the streets either. So, if you want to wear your beloved loungewear pieces in public and still look like a million bucks, here’s how to pull it off in style. 

Monochrome looks

Tees and sweatpants might not be the first choice when you need to create a put-together look and head to the office, but if that’s your cup of tea, you can make it work if you keep things simple. Since work outfits are usually colour-coordinated and rather minimalistic, with clean lines and fewer embellishments, you can apply the same principles when wearing loungewear if you want your outfit to look a bit more formal. 

Refrain from mixing different colours, patterns and styles, as this will give you a sloppy and unkept look, and that’s exactly what you want to avoid. Simplicity is the best policy in this situation. Choosing neutral colours such as beige, grey or ivory to create a monochrome look will also provide you with a clean canvas, allowing you to get creative when choosing your footwear, accessories, and layers. 

Layer it up

Speaking of layers, you can easily transform your lounger-based outfit in an instant by pairing it up with a third piece. Outwear pieces can help you create fabulous combinations when chosen properly. For the cold season, coats and jackets over soft hoodies and sweatpants will keep you warm and stylish. For warmer temperatures, you can wear a simple t-shirt and leggings and throw a denim jacket or a long cardigan on top, and you’ve got yourself a great OOTD. 

You can also spice things up by playing with different textures. Loungewear pieces are usually made of soft and fine materials, so a great way to make them pop up is to add a contrasting fabric. Denim, leather, silk, or shiny materials can give your outfit a bit of oomph, and make it look less homey. 

However, as you’re layering and mixing different materials and textures, don’t forget that proportions also play an important role in the equation. The rule of thumb is to avoid all-tight or all-loose pieces. So, if you have a baggy top, you should opt for tighter bottoms and the other way around, in order to create a balanced outfit. 

Cool footwear

Want to avoid that going-to-the-gym look when wearing loungewear in public? Then you should skip the running shoes and choose some cooler footwear instead. There are several combinations you can opt for, depending on the look you want to achieve and, of course, your mood. 

On days when you want nothing more than comfort, bulky platform sneakers will do the trick. They’ll tie in perfectly with every piece of loungewear you have in your closet and are ideal when you don’t have the time or the will to put in more effort. 

If you’re looking for something edgier, the good ol’ combat boots are the most reliable option. Boots and loungewear make for a very interesting combination as they’re not meant to be worn together, but they look absolutely amazing nevertheless. Finally, if you’re feeling sassy, a pair of high heels will take your look to the next level, both literally and metaphorically. Bring wide-leg pants and heels together, add a cropped or fitted top and you’re ready to take on the world. 


If we’re being honest, loungewear outfits can look a bit boring and dull, and you can grow tired of them, especially if you wear the same pieces every day. Fortunately, there’s a very simple fix for that: accessories. 

We’re sure you’ve never thought about throwing some sweats and a t-shirt on and then adding a pair of hoop earrings or oversized sunglasses at home. But this is all the more reason to do that when you want to wear your loungewear outside. You’ll look more like a busy professional out on a coffee run than someone who couldn’t be bothered to look in the mirror before leaving home.  So, as a final touch to your outfit, you can add a bit of bling before you leave home. A pair of statement shades, some bold necklaces of different lengths, dangle earrings or a nice bag are the perfect ingredients to make you shine. 

And let’s not forget about the most important accessory – attitude. When you try to create an outfit, keep in mind that it’s not just about what you wear but also how you wear it that matters. Wear your outfits with confidence, regardless of the combination, and you’ll look and feel amazing.

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