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How To Have An Epic Yard Sale On Instagram

Have old, but useable, items in your closet that you need to get rid of? Need ainstagram few extra bucks? Instagram isn’t just for taking selfies anymore.

Open your closet and pull out all of the clothes you rarely wear – those clothes that a relative bought for you that you just hate or those clothes that don’t fit you anymore but you are having trouble of letting go because once upon a time they used to look super cute on you. This is your “For Sale” pile, along with other items that you may want to sell such as shoes, books, CDs, etc. You know what they say, “one woman’s garbage is another woman’s treasure”. It’s time to have an Instagram yard sale!

Faze breaks down all the tips and tricks you need to have a successful Instagram yard sale.

1. Creating a New Account

First things first, you’ll need to create an account specifically for this sale. You don’t want to have a sale on your personal Instagram account because nobody likes a spammer who posts a bazillion pictures on our newsfeed. Your followers will be dropping like it’s hot.

 2. Choosing a Namechoosing a name

Choose a suitable name for the account that will draw in customers. You should take into account the demographic too. If your clothing is meant for young adult females, you wouldn’t want to name the account “KittyKat Cupcake Clothing Sale”. Try something that would fit your personality and the customers you want to attract as well.

 3. Contact Info

contact infoIn order for customers to get in touch with you, you’ll need to provide them with some contact info. So in your account’s bio you should display your name, when and where you are able to meet the customers (or maybe you’re going to mail the items out) and an email address made specifically for this sale because you don’t want random people spamming your personal email. Your bio should also include an appealing summary of what you’re selling. You could even get creative and throw in a slogan somewhere!

4. Setting Up Your Items For Sale

Obviously you have to sell the items, but in order to do that, you have to sell the pictures (figuratively). This is where marketing comes in! Use a high definition camera, good lighting and a clean background. A good picture also adds to the legitimacy of the sale, drawing in more customers. Along with the photo you’ll need to include a summary in the description. You’ll need to write something more creative than “Zara shirt, $10.” Let your customers know why this buy is an absolute steal! “As seen on Kylie Jenner, this H$M jean jacket is a must-have summer clothing item and it’s only $20!” Disclaimer: avoid selling lingerie, feminine products and used makeup. Those things can be extremely unsanitary, it probably won’t sell and it’ll turn away any potential customers from purchasing anything else.

5. Setting the Pricesetting the price

This is a crucial step because if the pricing is off you won’t make any sales. Everyone visiting your Instagram page will know that you are selling second hand items, therefore avoid keeping the price at market value. However, if you just bought an item for $40 two days ago and you haven’t use it once, you can sell it for $40. But avoid over pricing the object because you will get caught! People who are shop online are always looking for discounts.

6. Getting The Word Outsocial media

To accomplish this, you need to take advantage of your best friend, SOCIAL MEDIA. Get the word out through Facebook posts, a promo post on your personal Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, whatever works. Even ask your friends and family to spread the word through their social media.

You can also use hashtags to your advantage! Hashtags allow for Instagram users to find your posts when they type in the same hashtag in the search bar. However, use it with some discretion. Your followers may not like a huge paragraph of hashtags on their news feed.

7. Making a Salemaking a sale

Safety is a HUGE part of this step. There are many creepy people on the Internet and we want you to be safe. You want to make sure that the person that you get into contact with is a legitimate customer. To do this, you should take a friend with you when meeting the customer to give them their purchased item. If you are still doubtful, you can resort to mailing the purchased item and requesting that the money be e-transferred.

8. Packagingpackaging

Although everyone already knows that you are doing a small sale of your used items, proper professional looking packaging adds to your legitimacy and credibility. It could also trigger more sales because a person who may have purchased an item from you could be very impressed with your presentation and would recommend your account to their friends for some great finds!

9. Wrapping up

Once your Instagram yard sale is done simply delete the account and go count your money because now you’re a couple bucks richer!

counting money gif

counting money gif 3

And that is how you can put together a successful Instagram yard sale. Remember, stay safe, stay professional and have fun!

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