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Hair Today, Young Tomorrow: How Wigs Remind Me That Age Is Just A Number


Early in my 30s, I started to see the first gray hairs, which sprung proudly from my temples and served as an uncomfortable reminder of my advancing age. Those gray hairs gradually multiplied and marched methodically across my crown until I was forced to acknowledge their presence.

I was made fun of by my sisters for having “distinguished” salt-and-pepper hair, but I didn’t feel distinguished – I felt old. My relationship with the naïve, carefree girl I saw in the mirror had always been strong, but it was starting to dwindle.

One day a girlfriend suggested I try a wig to cover the gray. I balked at first, thinking they were for people desperately holding on to their youth. But after stewing on the idea for a while, I concluded it couldn’t harm to at least give one a shot.

What a revelation! When I put that first braided wigs on, the girl in the mirror looked youthful, vibrant – just like I remembered. As I adjusted the hair and styled it to frame my face, I started to feel like my old self again. All those negative feelings about my advancing age began to melt away.

Wigs Black Hair

Over time, my collection of wigs grew to include knotless braids styles in every color from lo burgundy red to lo black. With each new wig, I rediscovered the joy and confidence of my youth. As soon as I discovered I had control over how old I looked, my fear of becoming older subsided. Age wasn’t something that happened to me anymore; it was a decision I could make with every change in my haircut. Not only did wearing wigs make me seem younger, but they also made me feel younger. A certain amount of enthusiasm is associated with changing your appearance. It’s an adventure, a mini-rebellion against routine, and a means of preserving youth.

Each time I put on a new wig, I felt a rush of youthful exuberance. I had the impression of an adolescent trying on several personas and features.  It was fun, exciting, and incredibly liberating. I found myself becoming more adventurous, more outgoing, and more playful, all qualities synonymous with youth. I can boldly and bravely try more styles, from lace front wigs to small knotless braids wigs. Wigs seem to have given me the courage to face everything. I am no longer timid and afraid of other people’s gaze, nor am I affected by my age anymore.

Also, wearing wigs has allowed me to embrace two sides of myself – the youthful enthusiasm I’ve always carried within and the wisdom that comes naturally with life experience. I am no longer afraid of the passage of time. When I take off a wig, I see the signs of age on my face and hands – and I welcome them. They are a reminder of the story I’m writing, chapter by chapter. I grew to value the advantages even more. They offered me a sense of freedom and inventiveness that I had never had before, and they also helped me maintain my youthful appearance. I could be anybody I wanted to be with the use of a wig, and I could do it with ease and confidence.

Wigs Black Hair

I therefore look through my wig “cookbook” and choose a new style for the day, always taking my time to look in the mirror and reflecting on how carefree and young I once felt. The girl in the reflection gives a wink and a smile, and I’m reminded that age is just a number, an illusion we create with our minds and our hair.

By experimenting with various hair colors and styles while wearing wigs, I can maintain a sense of youth and adventure. It’s simple to get stuck in a rut as we get older and continue wearing our hair in the same style and color. By wearing wigs, you can switch up your look whenever you want and try out new styles and colors that you may not have considered before.

Now, I am not saying that wigs are a miracle cure for aging. We all age; it’s a part of life. But in a society that places so much value on youth, discovering something that keeps you maintaining your youthful appearance and makes you feel young at heart is certainly a treasure.

Wigs Black Hair

Wigs have become a part of my anti-aging arsenal, alongside my skincare routine and healthy lifestyle choices. They have given me the freedom to do new things, the confidence to embrace my age, and the joy of rediscovering my youthful spirit.

In conclusion, as a surprising ally in my fight against aging, wigs have emerged as my go-to secret weapon. They open up a world of opportunities, from trying out various looks to safeguarding my natural hair. And the best part? They make me feel youthful, vibrant, and full of life. So here’s to wigs, the unexpected tool that keeps us forever young!

Hair today, young tomorrow. My collection of wigs reminds me every day – I’m as young as I feel, and the best is yet to come. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to keep your youthful spirit alive, why not give wigs a try? You might just find a younger, more vibrant you waiting to be unleashed.

Wigs Black Hair

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