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How Will COVID Affect Halloween In Canada?

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Halloween is traditionally celebrated on 31st October in Canada. According to ancient Celtic beliefs, the spirits of the dead cross over into the living world just to celebrate this special occasion. But make no mistake, this is usually no sad affair, as Canadians adorn different fashionable Halloween costumes to mark a night full of fun and scare.

Covid has preoccupied much of 2020 and is thus no surprise that the celebrations and trick-or-treating might look a bit different this year. Social gatherings will be limited to small numbers of people, for instance.

Canadians are hopeful that measures such as social distancing, sanitizing, and the wearing of face masks could see the invention of a new norm for Halloween during Covid.

The year 2020 presents unique challenges to the social fabric, as we are social beings, but it also brings on board opportunities to restructure society and build a better future.

Safe Halloween activities

Here are some of the safe Halloween activities Canadians can do during this year’s Covid-19 unusual celebrations.

Decorate Your Home

Giving your home, yard, and driveway a theme décor for Halloween is a must! Set up your candy graveyard to allow the kids to trick-or-treat while still maintaining social distance. Position fake tombstones with hidden treats or prizes.

Host a zoom Pumpkin carving contest or costume party

Zoom sessions can be an excellent way for your friends to show off their Halloween costumes, share spooky stories, or carve out pumpkins from home’s safety and comfort.

halloween 2020 pumpkins

Dress up for Halloween

Halloween is never complete without a costume dress-up. If you’re lost on which costume to go for, here are five popular options to choose from:


The creepy doll turned killer is a popular costume among young teens and looks way weirder on kids.


A clown costume is both silly and spooky; it easily stands out and looks great on any age group.


This costume is based on the movie Spider-man and is a great choice. The hood both hides your face and also protects you just like a mask would.


What better way to spook the guts out of unsuspecting victims than rock a witch costume on Halloween? A little makeup to accentuate some facial features can also go a long way to help you “cast your spells” on Halloween night.


A Unicorn Halloween costume is popular among girls for its sparkle and colorful design.

halloween 2020 costume unicorn
image via Oya Canada

Hold a Scary Movie Marathon

You can just set up a screen in your homestead or living room, pop some popcorn, and set up a playlist of the scariest movies or stream on Netflix all night long with your family and friends.

Hang a Halloween Piñata in Your Yard

Piñatas keep the kids busy and distracted while you also get busy doing Halloween DIYs and entertaining your family.

Watch out for Drive-through Trick-or-Treats

Contact-free Halloween trick-or-treats are likely to pop up along streets or a drive-through. These keep the spirit of Halloween alive, and the Kids will especially love getting free treats. You can rest assured that the responsible adults manning these stations sanitize regularly and maintain a safe distance while handing out treats.

Attend a Trunk-or-Treat

Some businesses and individuals park a van and serve treats from the trunk, or simply set up a table. They should hand out the treats to the kids rather than allowing them to reach out into the candy bowl for extra safety.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the Canadian government-issued advisories meant to slow down the spread of Covid, you can also play a crucial role in protecting yourself and your loved ones too this Halloween.

Wear a custom-made costume to incorporate a mask or match your mask with your Halloween costume. There are different types of mask from light cloth ones to the surgical mask Canada recommends for high-risk individuals but you should choose the one you are most comfortable with, as you’ll likely be in relatively safe outdoor settings mingling with younger, less susceptible populations.

Avoid eating when on transit, either walking or driving. Chances are that you will touch your phone, and other surfaces such as your car door, which may contain micro-organisms invisible to the naked eye.

Check on your friends for any signs or symptoms for immediate medical attention. Protecting yourself and your loved ones start with looking out for those near you. If they stay healthy, then so will you.

Halloween during Covid can still be fun for both kids and adults if everyone participates.

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