How You And Your Hair Can Fight Back Against Humidity

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It’s true that we all like to do something fun with our hair from time to time! This could be getting braids, an undercut, or even dyeing it pink! However, sometimes you just need to take it back to basics and focus on the health and style of your hair. During summer, you’ll no doubt have noticed the humidity has vastly increased. Not only does this make it a bit unbearable at times, but it also makes our hair a big, frizzy mess because the air contains so much moisture! To battle the humidity and get our hair to look the way we want it to, follow these quick and simple tips to fight the frizz.

Use colder water when washing your hair

Although a nice, warm shower is much preferred in the morning, colder water is actually much more beneficial and kinder to your hair and skin. As well, cold water is quite refreshing on a hot summer day! You don’t have to go sub-zero temperatures, just cold enough that your hair cuticles will close up and your scalp’s natural oils are retained much better. You might not even have to wash your hair every day, but douse it with cold water to help promote gloss and reduce frizz.

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Don’t forget a protective layer and styling products

There is such a thing as an anti-humidity spray! You can apply some when your hair is a little damp and while you use a hair dryer. This will help to prevent humidity and add a protective layer over the hair strands to stop expansion when it’s so humid. Afterward, you can apply your typical styling products such as leave-in conditioners, gels, mousse, or hair wax to create a defining look that will hold.

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Opt for ionic hair dryers

Try not to dash out of the house with semi-dry hair, as running out into the hot weather will only increase the chance of your hair looking a bit wild and unmanageable! If you’ve got the time, air drying is the best and safest method, as many hair dryers are simply too hot and make your hair even puffier and frizzier. If in a pinch, try an ionic hair dryer, as this uses millions of negatively charged ions (don’t worry too much about the science but just know that it works) that crush water molecules in your hair without breaking your hair shaft. This results in a much smoother hairstyle and is gentler on the scalp and strands. Applying a heat protectant hairspray before using a hair dryer is also an expert tip, as well as using it for straighteners and curling irons, too.

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Always moisturize the hair ends

Hair that is dry is more likely to frizz up when it’s humid, so ensure that your hair is moisturized and nourished with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo. Hair oils are also known to add moisture and tame frizzy strands, and these don’t make the hair look greasy, thankfully! A hair mask once a week will be a great addition to your care regime, as it adds useful nutrients to your hair that keep it looking fresh and hydrated throughout the hot days.

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Do all that and your hair will look fantastic even in the hottest, humid days over the summer!

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