How You Can Trim Your Expenses AND Save Money In The Next 12 Months And Beyond

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With so much focus on the cost of living, you will no doubt have wondered what you can do to make your paycheck go that little bit further. A walk into the local store, or a browse at prices online will tell you that won’t be easy, but there are still some areas where you can make a saving.

#1 Ditch the Takeout Food and Cook at Home

This is not exactly a revolutionary idea but going all out and just trying to cook everything from scratch straight away is not sustainable. You might not have the time every evening, you might only know how to cook two dishes, or you might live in shared accommodation where access to the kitchen area is limited. So, instead of going ‘cold turkey’, start by replacing one or two take-outs each week with a meal that you cooked yourself.

You could then find YouTube tutorials to learn how to cook other dishes, and if you have access to a freezer, you can batch-cook meals and reheat them in less time than it will take the door dash driver to arrive. Not only will this have health benefits (unless you are a particularly bad cook), but you will also save money.

#2 Look at Your Household Bills

When you think of household bills, you immediately think about your utilities and the rising costs there. While you are no doubt bombarded with adverts about cutting down energy bills, you might still be overlooking the money you could save on home insurance by going to a broker instead of just renewing the same policy year after year.

Contacting a reliable broker like can mean that they do all of the legwork for you, and as experts in their field, they will know exactly what to look for based on your information. This way, you could save money, or at least get yourself better coverage for what you are paying now.

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#3 Get Off One Stop Earlier

If you take the bus to work, you could try getting off one stop before your usual one and walking the rest of the way, if it is safe to do so. Not only do you pay less for your ride, but you are also getting some exercise at the same time. You don’t have to do this every day (unless you want to) and if the weather is bad, you can just back to your normal routine.

If you normally drive to work, you could park further away and walk, but the margins there are much smaller. You would have to look at your gas costs for the year and see if what you save would make it worth your while. Again, you would be getting exercise, so that might make you decide to opt for this approach.

Final Thoughts

Money is tight, but that does not mean you have to stop spending entirely, as you would get fed up with it quite quickly. However, by doing small things like getting off the bus a little earlier or cooking at home one or two nights a week, you can save money and get a little healthier. You can also save time by getting a broker to get your best insurance deals, which is also likely to be kinder on the pocket as well.

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