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Human Rights Day: What Are You Doing To Promote Change?

Today marks Human Rights Day, a day that highlights the rights to which people all over the world are entitled.

african-girl-school Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day was created in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly when they first adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although this day is filled with cultural events and exhibits that promote positivity, there continues to be violations within the code of human rights all over the world.

In Kenya, there continues to be an abundance of girls who are forced into marriage without their consent. Within the rural regions of Kenya, a small tribe named Pokot plan the weddings of their young daughters at the start of their adolescence; all of this is done without their consent. This is just one example of the disregard of lack of human rights around the world.

Every day we are faced with news reports telling us about countries that abuse these rights. Whether it is death in Syria, the mistreatment of workers in China, or the biased treatment of woman, these violations continue to happen all over the world.

We’ve probably all seen the game-changing speech delivered by Emma Watson on feminism for the United Nations. In her speech, Emma advocates for the end of inequalities that woman are faced daily. These inequalities aren’t just present within third world countries but are present in our everyday lives. What made Emma’s speech so powerful and moving was her intent to end the mentality of “us vs. them”. The speech was game-changing because of her involvement of both genders in the fight for equality.

Today is our time to stand up and fight for equality. As consumers, we have the choice to make ethical shopping decisions that in the long run have the ability to benefit the straining labour laws in countries overseas. We have the ability to stop inequality among men and woman and promote a positive message of acceptance for both genders. The power is in our hands today to make the right choices and treat people with respect and dignity.

What will you do to change the world?

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