Hunter Valentine Came, Collided And Conquered

Four-piece Canadian rock band Hunter Valentine brings something that the male-dominant genre usually lacks — powerful female vocals.

hunter valentine

The all-girl band made a splash in the music scene in 2007 with the release of their first full-length album The Impatient Romantic and has since gathered a loyal fan base, played over 200 shows, released a second album in 2010 called Lessons From The Late Night, toured across North America, the UK and Switzerland and starred in a reality television show.

Hunter Valentine’s newest release and third studio album, Collide And Conquer, brings a string of head-banging worthy tracks like “The Pulse” and “Little Curse,” proving that girls are fully capable of providing the piercing and heady vocals that the rock genre requires.

hunter valentine

Hunter Valentine’s Collide And Conquer sees the band taking a significant leap forward in creative terms by adding Treble Charger member and producer Greig Nori into the mix to refine their sound and deliver their strongest tunes to date.

Though there are plenty of songs that are mosh-pit-worthy, Hunter Valentine turns down the volume and pace with a couple tracks such as “Nowhere to Run,” a girl-power anthem with lyrics that boast, “When you got nowhere to run, I’ll be waiting until the starts shine bright for you.”


Lead singer Kiyomi McCloskey’s talented vocals on “With A Bullet” compliment the lively melody that is sure to pump up any listener. Energetic beats and electric instrumentals are prominent throughout the 11-track album, especially in “Gates of Hell.” Drummer Laura Petracca, along with new additions bassist Veronica Sanchez and guest keyboardist Somer Bingham, worked together to create triumphant and catchy sound. And, when layered with Kiyomi’s voice, the band creates an album that will not only please old fans, but effortlessly gain new ones as well.

And here’s the video for “Liar Liar”

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