Hybrid Marketing: How To Combine Online And Offline Marketing

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Modern online and traditional offline marketing needn’t be treated as separate forms of marketing. In fact, there are many ways to complement the two of them by combining them. This is known as ‘hybrid marketing’ – below are just some of the ways to embrace this form of marketing. 

Attract customers to your website with QR codes

QR codes are a great way of generating website traffic using traditional paper marketing and signage. Instead of encouraging customers to type out your website address, you simply provide a code which customers can scan on their phone in order to open your website. This not only makes it much easier for people to visit your site, but it also makes it possible to trace where your leads are coming from. 

There are online tools that can teach you how to make a QR code. Once you’ve generated a QR code leading to your website, you can then print it onto the surface that you desire. This could be a flyer, a poster, a billboard, a business card, a sign or even the side of a vehicle.  

Build a digital loyalty card app for customers to use in your store

Want more people to visit your physical store? A digital loyalty card app could be a great way of attracting more return customers. Like a loyalty card, this could allow customers to gather points every time they shop – but instead of using a card they use an app on their phone. This app could also be used to offer customers news and information of what’s going on in your store via app notifications. 

Use social media to communicate with customers at events

Social media can be an exciting tool for communicating with customers at events. It can be used to entice people into attending and it can be used for marketing your business to people who are already there. A few ways to use social media marketing and event marketing together include:

  •         Using event hashtags: If you’re taking part in a trade show or conference, using the event hashtag in your tweets will attract the attention of anyone searching for that hashtag. This could help to notify people that your stall will be at the event.
  •         Broadcasting events live: While the event is on, you can stream the event live on video using Facebook or Youtube. You can also publish live posts along with location tags to let people know where you are. 
  •         Using a live Twitter wall: Hosting a conference and want to ask the audience questions? A live Twitter wall allows the audience to tweet their questions – these questions then appear on a screen on the stage that you can then answer in real time. In a large event with lots of people, it could be an effective way of encouraging interaction.

social wall twitter wall

Use competitions at events to build mailing list subscribers/social media followers

Event marketing can be used to build subscribers and social media followers. If you’re running a stall at a trade show, you could consider hosting a competition with a prize. To be considered for the prize, you could make it necessary for customers to follow you on social media or sign up to your mailing list there and then. 

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