I Love Usher: Don’t We All?

Usher School Pic

Whether you are watching his sexy moves in his music videos, or jamming to his tunes with friends or secretly in love with him, Usher is hard to resist and so is his latest hot selling album, “Confessions.”

We all dream of being stars when we’re alone in front of our mirrors but turning a dream into a reality is a different story. Growing up, Usher simply wanted to make a decent living and thought owning a franchise was the way to do it, and says, “As a child, I once said to my grandmother, ‘You know, one day I’m going to own one of these Krispy Kremes.’” Although he is yet to call himself a proud owner, he jokingly (or perhaps not) says, “I still feel like I’ve got to make some money because one day I’ve got to own [one].” Small dreams that grow and grow — that’s how Usher’s story goes.


The former gospel choir boy was picked up by L.A. Reid when he was only 14-years-old, and has been in the limelight as an entertainer extraordinaire ever since. Growing up in front of millions of fans and with the media constantly watching his every move was tough but Usher maintains that various factors helped see him through his tough times and got him to where he is today. “I went through some personal issues that brought a lot more attention to me. It could be a million and one things but, musically, I think it’s genuinely about having great songs, having great producers, having great energy, and being a hard worker, and it’s like I had all those things.”

Usher offers up some serious advice to anyone chasing a dream. “You know, every day is a learning experience,” he says. “Look at life as a learning curve. You’re never going to figure it out completely. Every day is meant to be imperfect, so don’t try to be perfect. Do your best and you’re going to learn something with every step you make.” And to those who are impatient and want things to happen immediately, he says, “There’s no rush. Life is not going to go by faster or any slower. Learn from your mistakes and enjoy those moments that you get when things are going really good, man. That’s my advice.”


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