iGaming: Main Differences Between Men and Women

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Online casino games have taken the world by storm. The number of online players is constantly rising as the iGaming industry continues to expand. By now, certain operators have been on the online market for long enough to notice different behaviors with different players. And just like there is a difference between players of different cultural backgrounds and even different ages, there are also certain patterns when it comes to male and female players.

Both female and male players have been present on online gambling platforms worldwide. However, these two groups of players have different habits when playing online casino games. And in this article, we’ll see what are the differences and what are similarities between men and women who like to visit online casino websites.

They Opt for Different Casino Games

No matter if they are visiting litecoin casino platforms where they can make a deposit by using cryptocurrency or if they are playing on any minimum deposit casino, female and male players will in most cases opt for different casino games. To begin with, many studies have proven that there are more female players that access online casinos via mobile phones. Whereas, there are more male players who play online casino games on their PCs. This can be somewhat connected to the fact that women spend more time on their smartphones in general and that they value convenience when playing games.

Additionally, some statistics show that men are more prone to choosing games that require certain strategies and skills. Therefore, male players choose games like poker, blackjack, as well as sports betting. Online casinos that offer sports betting will have more male members since they will be interested in placing bets on football, basketball, hockey, and other sports. On the other hand, women will in most cases play games like bingo, roulette, or slots. Even women who do decide to try out betting will usually place bets on Oscars or even Esports, rather than on traditional sports.

Men Spend More Time Gambling

It’s more likely that men will join the best Canadian gambling sites and try out casino games for the first time in their lives in their twenties than females of the same age. When it comes to women, the biggest number of players from this group usually join a casino in their forties. This means that men spend more time in their lives playing casino games than women.

The main reason for this occurrence is that gambling is mostly seen as socially acceptable for men rather than for women. So, women decide to try out gambling platforms later in life, when they are more confident and have less regard for social conventions.

However, according to recent studies, the overall number of male and female players is pretty much the same. This has changed in the past couple of years, when operators began creating a female-friendly environment on their sites, avoiding sexist symbols and messages that were used to attract more male players.

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Women Are More Likely To Become VIP Players

This might be one of the bigger surprises that comes to the main differences between female and male players. There are two ways in which a visitor of an online casino can become a VIP member. One is through a reward system and the other is by paying a monthly subscription (sometimes it’s a one-time payment). Women are generally more committed to completing a certain goal than men, so they easily become VIPs through a reward program. Also, they are more likely to pay to become a VIP since they want to have special treatment while enjoying their free time.

Men Deposit More

Even though women are more likely to stick longer with one operator, male players deposit more and play with higher stakes than female members. Statistics show that under 20% of women invest more than 30% when playing at online casinos, whereas over 20% of men will invest more than 500 dollars.

However, men are likely to move from one operator to the next, especially when they see a hefty welcome offer for new players. And women players stick with the platform that is familiar to them and if they don’t have any major complaints about the website, it’s common that they stick to that one operator for good.


Even though there are many differences between male and female players, there are some similarities. Firstly, both groups share the same passion for online casino games. Also, women and men like casinos that are trustworthy and caring about their customers. These online gambling platforms attract all types of players, especially those who are in pursuit of high-quality games, fast payment methods, and great bonuses and promotions. Therefore, we can say for sure, that both men and women will always choose a casino that appreciates quality rather than fake aesthetics that are used to attract a specific group of players.

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