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Immerse Yourself In Contemporary Art In Copenhagen


If you love contemporary art, consider visiting Copenhagen. The city has a rich art history and lots of different types of art, making it a special and memorable place to explore culturally. Here are some spots to check out contemporary art in Copenhagen.

Practical Tips

Getting to and around Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Airport is pretty near the city and trains run frequently, bringing you straight to the city center. Copenhagen’s got lots of parks, bike lanes, and streets that are great for walking, so it’s simple to get around. An electronic SIM card (eSIM) can come in handy during your trip, helping you stay connected for maps, finding information, and staying in touch while you explore. Learn more about eSIM here.

Copenhagen Art Week

Contemporary art aficionados can also visit Copenhagen Art Week, an event that happens every year in the city. It’s all about diving into contemporary art across galleries, art fairs, museums, exhibition halls, and public spaces. Besides lots of exhibitions, Copenhagen Art Week also puts on special events you won’t want to miss.

Copenhagen has amazing contemporary art museums and galleries and you should visit as many as you can. However, be sure to take some time to explore the city and meet the people too so that you can experience the Danish “hygge.”

Art Scenes You Must Visit

1. Copenhagen Contemporary

Contemporary Art In Copenhagen

Copenhagen Contemporary, also known as CC, started as a short 18-month project in 2016-17. It reopened in 2018 but on a much bigger scale. Now, CC is one of the biggest places in Scandinavia to see modern art, covering about 7000 square meters. The museum shows all kinds of art—installations, videos, and performances—all in a big space that used to be a welding hall. CC is a lively spot where art lovers come together. It also hosts talks about art, guided art tours, concerts, and fun workshops for kids.

2. SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark

Contemporary Art In Copenhagen

The SMK is Denmark’s national gallery, showing art from way back in the 1300s to today. If you’re not into the older stuff, don’t skip the modern art section. Also, check out SMK’s collection of Skagen painters; it’s really impressive and definitely worth seeing.

3. Arken

Contemporary Art In Copenhagen

Arken is a newer museum in Copenhagen, found south of the city in a stunning man-made seascape. The museum building is itself a work of art, known worldwide for its maritime design. It opened in 1996 and mainly showcases contemporary art. Arken has around 400 pieces, highlighting Danish and Nordic artists but also featuring some international names. Most of the art is from 1990 onwards, focusing on two big ideas: how modern people live and art that makes you think about what art really is.

4. Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Contemporary Art In Copenhagen

Housed in a Dutch-style palace from the 17th century, Kunsthal Charlottenborg is one of Northern Europe’s biggest and most stunning places to see modern art. It first opened in 1883 with a focus on contemporary art and has kept that mission since. The center features Danish and international artists with lots of things going on. Besides the exhibitions, they have artist talks, performances, concerts, and movie screenings. Also, the place is home to The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Visual Arts, where they showcase the yearly exhibition by students who are graduating.

Immerse Yourself in the Contemporary Art

Embark on a cultural journey in Copenhagen, a city that seamlessly blends its rich art history with a vibrant contemporary scene. Navigate the city effortlessly, from the proximity of Copenhagen Airport to the interconnected parks and bike lanes, ensuring a delightful exploration. Stay connected with the aid of an electronic SIM card (eSIM), enhancing your experience as you discover the city’s diverse art offerings.

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