Importance Of Essay Writing Skills For A Person’s Future Career

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Essay writing skills not only refer to the linguistic aspects of academic writing like referencing, illustrating, and logical reasoning, but also include a wide array of qualities that a writer consciously or subconsciously learns during the process. These skills are vital for bolstering an individual’s career and the following article strongly argues in its favor based upon three major aspects.

The first and the most integral aspect is the subtle impact essay writing has upon developing one’s soft skills. According to Jessica Miller, Head of HR at, “emotional and social skills are amongst the top capacities required to be competitive in the emerging job markets of 2030.”

From the arts to medicine, emotional and spiritual intelligence are now regarded as one of the necessary prerequisites to succeed in the modern world. Essay writing, which is largely regarded as both a skill and an art, plays a key role in assisting individuals to inculcate soft skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, and reflective thinking.

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For instance, amidst the process of understanding one’s audience and focusing upon articulating one’s ideas clearly, writers subconsciously develop the skills of effective communication. Similarly, the regular process of brainstorming, editing, and proofreading also enable essay writers to enhance their reflective thinking, which in the long-term plays a significant role in helping them become more open to feedback, criticism, and creative ideas.

These sets of skills, the process of essay writing inculcates within an individual are amongst the leading constituents of emotional intelligence, the key ingredient of success in the modern world. Another essential benefit of learning to write great essays is that it assists learners to hone a range of transferrable professional skills that are and will be of high value in the workplace.

It has already been proved multiple times that creativity, imagination, strategy, critical thinking, empathy, and communication are amongst the top key skills to boost one’s employability and career. These are the skills robots or artificial intelligence would most likely fail to copy and will be of great value in the future world.

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Moreover, in this everchanging world, where professionals are always expected to continuously upskill and re-skill, being adaptable through learning transferrable skills is extremely important. The critical thinking skills one learns while analyzing and putting together pieces of evidence in an essay (i.e. a visual analysis essay or a 500 word essay), the strategy the writer plans to articulate the most in a limited word count, and the creativity one develops while making vivid use of analogies, all make a part of these valuable arrays of transferrable skills. An innocent pastime, a hobby, or maybe a school project, but learning to write good essays helps an individual develop a host of professional skills.

The third, but equally essential aspect of writing essays is the majestic influence it has upon enhancing a person’s resilience and thought processes. The quantitative evidence regarding this is difficult to cite, but anyone who has been writing essays for a long time must have realized that writing plays a key role in boosting one’s self-confidence.

Amidst the process of note-taking, comprehending, trying to make sense of other’s ideas, one also engages at a deeper level with oneself. Amidst the process of analyzing information, individuals also begin to think about their values and ideals. The hours learners spend while polishing and checking for errors also translates into real-life habits of being reflective and thoughtful.

Overcoming that initial hesitation to write, the fear to submit, and the dilemma of maintaining the balance between deadlines and quality more or less helps an individual develop a solid mental framework.

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Learning to write great essays is both an effective and a simple way to assist students to inculcate a wide set of soft, hard, and professional transferable skills, while also enabling them to enrich their personalities and thought processes. From honing time management skills to better understanding oneself, essay writing can be of great help to a person in advancing their future career, both as an employer or as an employee.

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