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20 Inspirational Summer Works Of #NailArt

Yay! Time for festivals, amusement parks and perfect #OOTD’s because summer is here! It’s the perfect opportunity to flaunt your best summer nails and enjoy your time at the beach. We’ve put together a list of our favourite nailart for this summer. Check it out!

1. Enjoy a picnic and don’t forget the strawberries!

Strawberry Nails


2. Bumble Bees are as excited as we are

3. Watch out for the Sharks!

shark nails

4. Who doesn’t love palm trees?

5. We just really love palm trees.

6. Go-to summer drink: strawberry lemonade

lemonade nails

Source:  Hannah Rox Nails

7. Go to summer fruit: Watermelon


rainbow nails

Source: Flight of Whimsy

9. Seriously?! Dolphins are the cutest

10. Cool down with a popsicle

popsicle nails

Source: @adelislebron

11. Or some ice cream!

ice cream nails

12. Seashells, seashells on the sea shore

13. Drink out of a pineapple this summer. #bucketlist

14. Have some fun in the sun

sun nails

15. Or catch some shade

umbrella nails

16. Two words: mermaid nails

17. Enjoy ice cream bars to help you stay cool

18. Throw on some shades


19. Pair these Festival nails with some metallic tattoos

20. Not your typical nautical


Source: @adelislebron

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