Advantages Of Installation Of PVC Windows In Winter

The active period for replacing and installing windows falls in the summer and autumn months. However, the need to install PVC structures also arises in winter, when the thermometer drops significantly below zero. In this article, we will consider the features of installing PVC windows in the cold season.

PVC window winter

Is It Worth Installing Windows in Winter Time?

Setting in frost can be carried out without any problems. This is even recorded in the instructions of each manufacturer regarding home windows installation Ottawa. Some nuances should be taken into account by specialists before preparing for work:

  • If the installation takes place in a heated room, PVC structures should be delivered at least 24 hours before the process. This is necessary for the profile temperature to equal the room temperature.
  • Setting in the cold season can be carried out if the air temperature is not lower than –15°С. The thing is that in such a frost, the polyurethane foam can easily lose its ability to expand, and the adjustment will be carried out poorly.
  • If the circumstances are not in your favour and the fitting of the window structure is carried out at a lower air temperature, then it is necessary to ensure the use of a protective screen.
  • It is best to start installation after the PVC structures are delivered. This is because the frames are cooled during transport. It is necessary to keep the frames in a dry, warm room, otherwise, the plastic, which has shrunk in the cold, will expand in the window opening.
  • Since the adhesiveness of the insulating mounting tape decreases at minus temperatures, it is necessary to warm it up to +15 °C before starting work. The joints must be thoroughly cleaned of frost. It is best if the tape is attached before dismantling the old window structure.

PVC window winter

Advantages of Installing Windows in Winter

There are several benefits:

  • When leaving for measurement, a specialist can easily determine the features of the microclimate in the room and advise which window options are best suited. In cold times, it is easy to measure humidity, temperature, and check the functioning of ventilation. All of these factors affect the desired performance of the insulating glass unit.
  • In winter, window manufacturers are less busy, so orders are often filled much faster. The setting time may shift due to prolonged frost for technical reasons.
  • In the cold season, you can find many discounts and promotions that allow you to save on installation without losing quality.

If there is a need to install a casement in the cold period, do not wait for summer. At low temperatures, the setting of PVC structures is allowed, and in addition to technological nuances, it has its advantages. Window companies, which value their customers and their reputation, carry out the installation in the winter without any complaints.

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