Is It Easy To Develop A Mobile Game App?

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The projection for the mobile game app market’s growth is excellent. Moreover, mobile game apps have the lowest barrier for entry into the gaming industry because of the proliferation of smartphones.

The enormous revenue inspires many aspiring mobile game app developers to monetize their passion. So, while the desire is there, the question is whether it is easy to develop a mobile game app. It can be simple or complex, like the games for online jackpot slots at CasinoDays.

The answer to whether it is easy or challenging to develop a mobile game app will depend on your skills and knowledge. Of course, you should have experience using graphic and animation tools. Depending on the type of game you want to develop, you might need knowledge in writing code. For example, while game engines are available, it will take some time to learn how to use the program so you can add game stages to the application.

Checklist of the things you need

Game development requires a different set of tools.

  • Computer. You need a computer with higher specifications to install a game engine. Unfortunately, a game engine does not work on mobile phones. Likewise, game engines do not have cross-platform compatibility, so you should choose whether to use a Mac or a PC.
  • Three or four smartphones.You need at least four generations of smartphones running on Android and iOS. You need to test your game on different phone generations to see if the game app will work on each one. Your developed app needs usability testing, stress testing, and compatibility testing.
  • Set up an Android and iOS app developer account.The Apple App Store and Google Play require a developer to have an app developer account. If you want to submit your app to them for review and approval, you must first create an account and pay the subscription fee.
  • Graphic design and animation programs. You should be adept at using the graphic design and animation tools of your choice, as game apps are graphic and animation driven.
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Various types of game engines

After determining the tools you need, you can learn which game engine to use.

  • Game templates. You can use a game template if you want to try a simple game initially. You only need to change the template’s existing characters, add new ones, and tweak the themes and music. However, you cannot change the game’s internal mechanics.
  • Drag and drop engines. This is a behavior- and logic-based engine. With this engine, you decide which objects will do a specific set of functionalities. For example, you create an ordinary-looking plant and insert the logic that it will extend its thorns when a character comes near it. The game app will then duplicate the behavior. This game engine is suitable for beginners who want to have a game that is not too complex but can still accept advanced ideas for it.
  • Visual scripting-based game engines. You are not required to write a code when using this game engine. You create a flow diagram that comprises nodes to show the logical actions and progressions the characters will perform in the game. The engine will react to the diagram.
  • Coding-based game engines.If you are experienced in coding, you can use this engine to build a more complex game app.

There is a wide range of game apps you can publish, so you can choose whether to develop a simple or complex game. The vital things to consider are your resources and knowledge. Mobile game app development requires you to be a storyteller, a graphic designer, an animator, and a coding whiz.

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