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Is Ontario A Family-Friendly Province To Live In?

When it comes to raising children, all parents want to ensure they choose the perfect place to live. The area must be safe, nurturing and well-equipped with everything a family with young children could possibly need. There are various things to consider when choosing the right neighbourhood or city to settle down in. Ultimately, you should be choosing a place where there are sufficient transport, health, daycare and employment opportunities. Keep reading to find out if Toronto, Ontario is the perfect family-friendly city to bring up your children.

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As Canada is the world’s second-largest country, it is important to make sure that there are sufficient transport links to help you get from one side to the other. This is especially important if you have children as you need to ensure you can get to your chosen destinations with ease. With that being said, the transport links in Canada are very efficient and cover a range of distances. There are various road, bus, rail and ferry links that connect each town and city. Public transport is known to be a lot more efficient in the Ontario region than others across the country.


Secondly, Ontario is a very family-friendly province due to the extent of health amenities there are across the region. The dentists in Brockville Ontario (half way between Toronto and Montreal) pride themselves on being family-friendly and suitable for all types of treatment. With children, it is important that you maintain efficient contact with health professionals as they develop and there are no limits to this in Ontario. With an infamous free public health care system, what more could you want?


It has not been until very recently that the Ontario government has announced that residents in the area can receive free full-day childcare. Up until now, parents have been helped with costs from the government and organizations. With that being said, there is an endless list of potential daycare facilities for your children, all with excellent reviews and recommendations. Ideally, you will want to choose a daycare that is close to your home and work; this isn’t something to worry about as there are plenty to pick from.


As well as wanting to live in a family-friendly city, you also need to ensure that there are adequate employment opportunities for you. There are multiple places in Canada that are suitable to not only raise a family but also to expect great educational and employment opportunities. When researching the best place for families to live in Canada, Ontario becomes one of the recurring suggestions. Guelph in Ontario has the highest employment rate out of all municipalities in Canada. Yet again, the rates are low elsewhere too.

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Overall, when choosing to move to Canada, you’ll need to consider if it will suit you and your young family. As well as having sufficient family-friendly amenities, you also must consider the extent of health and dental care alongside employment opportunities.

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