Is Twilight Really That Bad? Why The Movies Got So Much Hate

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There is too much hype about Twilight movies.

About 13 years after the Twilight premiere, there are so many biases that depict the audience holds Twilight saga as a bad movie.

No wonder Robert Pattison also has a share of the hate. But I think it sounds weird. How do you hate what you have been part of? I bet this was one of the hilarious issues to happen in fandom.

Again, the main characters were a public eye and could not avoid the mock from haters. It could be one reason why Robert Pattinson found it hard to love the movies. No wonder he later confessed that when he started the Twilight race, it seems he stopped progressing mentally.

After all cooled down, Twilight fans can enjoy the movies, and any revisit makes one look at the saga differently.

Whether people hate or love Twilight saga, it has made its way as one of the gross franchises, And no matter the hate, Twilight has been one great asset to the young audience. If you want to have a grasp of the accusations of the saga, you can watch Twilight movies in order.

But is Twilight that bad? Could there be a true story without significant flaws?

Some say they don’t like Twilight because it deciphers vampires. They are to be terrifying monsters but not make love to humans. Again, the love story of Bella who falls in love with a harmless vampire puts many off.

Let’s see whether critics hate is justified.

4 reasons why Twilight movies got so much hate

1. The depiction of vampires

Vampires are considered monsters.

The core of the story about the love between vampires and humans seemed to be significantly controversial. How do monsters choose to make moral decisions, and aspire to marry humans? Vampires must feed on human blood to survive. But Cullen doesn’t desire human blood.

Instead, they take animal blood. The eyes were honey-gold, revealing they were vegetarian vampires.

Again, it was hard for Edward to control the urge to drink Bella’s blood. His desire not to be a monster seems to conflict with the urge to drink human blood.

Haters claimed that Twilight lacked classic traits of the vampires to be considered bloodsuckers.

2. The Cullens sparkled in daylight

The vampires in Twilight could resist sunlight, and their skins could shine when exposed to the sun. In reality, sunlight is the worst enemy of vampires. And the older a vampire is, the more he burns up quickly. When a vampire is exposed to sunlight, magical abilities are lost.

An example is when the Cullens moved to Forks, Washington. The place is known for its high amount of rainfall, so one would not have to worry about sunlight due to the cloudy weather.

But the rain was not frequent in Forks, and even if it were, some days were sunny and the rays of sunlight would still reach the ground.

Could it be that Stephenie Meyer never knew the place gets sun from time to time?

twilight saga edward sparkle

3. Why would Edward Cullen attend school?

One classic central fact about the Twilight saga is immortality. Cullens never age.

Why would Alice Cullen and Jasper, who were 19 years old, still attend school? They constantly remained in high school. Could you imagine someone being stuck in college forever?

There was a high probability that the college students would have discovered the unusualness. This made Twilight haters frustrated.

The same case for Edward, who would have left school at 17.Their ages, would still raise questions even if no one knew they were vampires.

4. The CGI baby was bad

Leave alone the abnormal version of vampires; the hate goes down to one of the unique effects in the Twilight saga, this was the CGI baby Renesmee.

The audience was waiting to see Edward and Bella’s daughter but Renesmee popped out as an ‘abnormal baby.’ And for sure, she was supposed to be that way as she was a vampire baby.

She grew rapidly, and funny enough, she could speak at the age of seven days.

One fact that the crew had to show was that vampire babies grow faster. But the CGI actions were not able to play the tricks well.

Everyone would note that Renesmee had no baby facial expressions of what an infant should look like. I tend to think there was more that the production crew wanted to be reflected on the baby. But the CGI effects made it look worse and unrealistic.

Haters will forever remember how bad baby Renesmee looked.

twilight baby Renesmee


No matter how justifiable the above reasons are, it’s a sample of some of the reasons why the series receives criticism.

We cannot deny the fact that the Twilight saga lacked quality. But no one can miss the soundtracks that blended in well with the situations at hand. After all, there is no measure of nonsensical events in any given series, and unintended fun is not bad.

Unfortunately, the audience was quick to judge. There are some great lessons to be learned. And if one was to re-watch the movies, I think they would outgrow their former attitudes.

Even if the Twilight Saga lacked a perfect twist or two and was rather underdeveloped, it nevertheless managed to entertain a significant audience (mostly teen girls), particularly if they also read the book.

Unlike haters out there, those who were fans of the saga have watched the series multiple times and probably claim to appreciate it even more with each viewing.

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