It’s Time To Detoxify!

Look and feel your best from the inside out!

Lemon Water


Our skin is often a sign of our internal health. Unhealthy skin may be due to the poor elimination of toxins and waste products. Our hormones, allergies, dehydration and stress can all play a part. When it functions efficiently, the skin eliminates almost one kilogram (two pounds) of waste acids daily, so its ability to excrete toxins is of paramount importance. A clear complexion begins with proper nutrition and a lot of water to help flush the toxins out.

The skin excretes, absorbs and protects. It has to deal with the effects of sun, cold, heat, dryness, scrapes, soaps, chemicals, perspiration, dirt and bacteria of all kinds. It is a wonder that our skin lemon honeystays healthy most of the time! If the balance of the skin becomes disturbed, especially through poor nutrition, the skin’s cells cannot function.

The following recipe is for a great, simple drink to detox impurities from your body. It cleanses your body from the inside out and is extremely easy to make and drink. Have one cup first thing in the morning and one before bed. Drink this every day for one week, once a month—you will see and feel the difference.

You’ll Need:
2 1/2 teaspoons of good quality honey
1/2 lemon, squeezed
1 cup of hot water

Combine these ingredients in your favourite mug, sit back, sip, detox and know you are doing something good for yourself!


In our lives, we all experience the joys of laughter, excitement, fulfillment and success. At times, we may also feel sadness, rejection, disappointment, frustration and fear. What can we do with these negative feelings? Well, that is the question that really needs answering.

What we need is to be detoxified from these feelings; if we’re not, they will gain power and affect our mind, body and spirit. Having the courage to face these feelings and deal with them can be easier when you have the right person to talk to—someone with whom you can share your feelings, someone who will not judge you but support you, and someone who will, above all, be honest with you.

Opening up is important in order to detoxify and find clarity and peace. Do not sweep all these feelings under the rug. I have learned that in time they will haunt you. So, seek the right person to help you when you’re in need of detoxification and embrace the precious positive moments you receive: they are the gifts of life.

Dina Fodero Be Beauty Exchange

Dina Fodero is a recognized public speaker who has toured extensively with her signature inspirational seminar D.R.E.A.M. She is also the founder and former owner of the Beauty Exchange (Be), an aesthetic school and spa in Toronto that provided a nurturing environment where young women help each other to become the best they can be through respect, support and education.

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