Ivana Santilli Is Doing What She Loves

If you believe in girl power, then you should believe in Ivana Santilli. Growing up in the music industry, she had to answer for who she was before she had even figured it all out. Luckily she has always had a good sense of who she is.

Music is in Ivana’s blood; her dad, who is also a musician, gave her one of the best pieces of advice: “Do what you want to do and as soon as you’re not happy, stop doing it.” But there’s no stopping Ivana, who is still very happy making music. She’s influenced by artists such as Gino Vannelli, Let’s Go to War, and Feist.

Check out Ivana’s latest single, “Been Thru This,” on her new album, Santilli, in stores now.

Ivana Santilli

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