Jadea Kelly Finds Passion And A Little Luck With New Album CLOVER

Finding your own unique and compelling voice is almost as rare as finding a four-leaf clover. Canadian songstress Jadea Kelly pours her heart out in her new album Clover, now available.

Jadea Kelly

“Honest, bare, experimental and ambient.” That’s how Jadea explains her sound on her new album.

Inspired and named after her grandfather’s farm, Clover represents the common ups and downs of farming and touring, as a musician. “Both professions offer little financial reward and zero guaranteed retirement,” she says. “But the unified element between both is passion.”

Since 2009, Jadea has performed with over 6 different artists such as Ramblin Jack Elliot, Melissa McClelland, Luke Doucet and Ariana Gillis, but she’s still hoping for the chance to perform with Ms. Iris DeMent—whom, she says, has “the most beautiful voice in the world”.

In 2010, Jadea released Eastbound Platform which led to her nomination for new emerging artist for the Canadian Folk Music Awards. This created many opportunities for Jadea, such as appearances and performances with Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café, Canadian Festival, European house concert tours and recordings with Protest the Hero.

Jadea Kelly
On the new album, Clover, Jadea’s music transforms from the country feeling in her last album Eastbound Platform. “I have been experimenting with darker organ pads, layered harmonies and open sonic space,” Jadea says.

The album’s artwork helps develop the overall theme of hope and strength: the wolf, sunken boat and crow on the front, back and inside panels are all symbols of empowerment [wolf], battle [sunken boat] and knowledge [crow]. This lovely design provides additional understanding of the album and Jadea herself.

Jadea Kelly

So what’s next for Jadea Kelly?

“In my dreams, Jadea Kelly will begin by taking over the world and possibly secretly touring with Rihanna from stadium to stadium,” she jokes. “In reality, we will be touring across Canada, The United States and Europe…and possibly paying rent!”

Written by Faze intern, Sierra Traikos

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