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Elementals Series by Janine Mimi

About the author:

Seventeen-year-old writer Janine Mimi is the author of the incredibly popular novel Deception, the first installment in the planned Elemental Series. To keep herself focused, Janine tries to write ten pages a day and stay inspired by reading and blogging on her JanineMimi blog  and her art blog where you can see original illustrations of her characters.

About the book:

The Elemental Series: Deception

When Aubrette Benson returns to Elementare Academy, the most prestigious academy for Elementals, the lives of the students and faculty are turned upside down. Powerful, secretive and uncontrollable, Aubrette can control two elements thanks to her bi-colored eyes.

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Aubrette woke up to the sound of birds. Her eyes fluttered open as she examined the room she was in. She was no longer dressed in her soggy clothes but instead in a night gown.

Not quite recognizing the room she was in, Aubrette sat up to observe her surroundings. It was a vague memory of the academy she once attended. Everything was neat and clean. Not a speck of dust touched any of the fruniture. Her clothes sat on a table beside her, clean and dry, while on a dresser next to her sat a freshly washed uniform.

A letter sat atop the uniform. Reading it, Aubrette groaned. She fell back on the bed, twisting a curl in her finger. The principle requested to speak with her once she was ready. They were certain to ask her about her whereabouts the past five years. What she would give to escape her past. Aubrette wanted a new start, a new life.

Aubrette got out of her bed, grabbing the uniform. She put on the blazer and skirt while examining herself in the mirror. Grabbing whatever make up they provided from her, she tried her best to prim herself. Aubrette hurried to the bathroom in the dorm, washing her curls until they bounced and sprang with life. She let her hair fall in its abundance, examining herself over and over in the mirror to be sure she looked okay. If only she could change her eyes. She hated the trouble they brought her.

Walking out of the dorm, the hallways appeared deserted. Not a soul was in sight, but it didn’t surprise her. Most students were in class, and no teacher would have her stay in a room close to the other students. There was nothing to be done about it.

She was familiar enough with the hallways to know her way around. Her eyes passed by classrooms were she had a quick glimpse of the students. Some caught sight of her, immediately reverting their glances when their eyes met hers. They still fear me. The thoughts sent chills down her spine as she made her way to the principle’s office.

The secretary welcomed her into the waiting room, beckoning her to sit and relax on a chair. Sitting on the seat, Aubrette traced the patterns to distract her mind. She tried to ignore the secretary’s stares. Everyone stared at her. It was never clear to Aubrette if they were in awe of her abilities or afraid.

The secretary peered back and forth from her papers to Aubrette. Her eyes darted around, as if unsure of what to think. Was the timid girl sitting in front of her really as powerful as they all said she was? Aubrette could hear the curiosities in her mind. What has she been up to? What is she doing here? Why is she back? They always wanted answers from her.

“The head master will see you now.” She woke up from her thoughts, nodding to the secretary.

Walking into the office, Aubrette found herself meeting walls full of pictures. White smiles and perfect faces posed next to the same plump man that sat in the desk of the room. She couldn’t name most of the people she saw on the walls, but she knew they were all famous in some way.

The man in the chair stood up, a welcoming smile complimenting his bright hazel eyes. His arms were opened in an embrace, cheeks burning red like the fire he possessed. Beside him sat a giant lizard that watched Aubrette with a slithering tongue.

“The infamous Aubrette Benson! Welcome to the academy.” His greeting didn’t make her comfortable at all. She stood silently, not meeting his eyes as she studied the lizard, arms hugging herself. Realizing how awkward the girl felt, he coughed under his breath. “Right well I am the head master, Dr. George. Please sit down. I understand you were once a student here.”

“Yes, five years ago.” Her voice was monotone as she sat in the seat in front of him. Her mind wanted to be somewhere else; socializing and making friends.

“Fantastic, well I understand you have some… odd circumstances.” He searched her eyes as he raised his eyebrows. “And that you are not like our other students. Needless to say, we can’t just spoil you because of that. Due to your… special case, we are going to have to put you in more classes. It is going to be hard but we want you to have the best learning experience here. We are very glad to have you back at Elementare Academy.”

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