Our Chat With JD Fortune, Winner Of “Rock Star: INXS”


JD Fortune has finally hit the big time, going from Elvis impersonator, to new lead singer of INXS. Today, JD has shown that dreams do come true if you never give up. From a broken home, JD had anything but a sheltered childhood. At seven years old, he was making dinner for his younger sister and taking her to and from school while his mom worked multiple jobs to keep the family together.

Directionless, JD dropped out of high school, a time in his life where he describes himself as “a geek—tall, clumsy and uncoordinated.” JD confesses, “I used to suck as a human being. I used people and never gave back. That was all bad karma.” At his lowest moment, JD had only his dog, Presley, for solace. “[I was living] in a car, it was freezing cold out, I hadn’t eaten in, like, two days, and I was begging for change to buy dog food.” JD was “inspired by being at the bottom. I pulled myself up because it’s the right thing to do.” And he’s been doing so ever since. The Canadian singer/songwriter has been busy with INXS since May.

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