Jem Interview: Look, Mom, I’m A Star!

Jem Singer

“I didn’t know what a big thing The O.C. was till I came here,” says hit Brit singer, Jem. She performed Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” on the season finale of The O.C. “I wore a dress and lots of makeup, so you probably wouldn’t be able to recognize me,” insists Jem. Yet her grown-up pop sensibilities in her debut album, Finally Woken, are punctuated with sampled music arrangements that show off her days as a DJ agent.

Having written and co-produced all the tracks, including “They” — which has since been remixed by Cut Chemist (of Jurassic 5) — Jem launched her critical North American tour. For what it’s worth, the Welsh singer already has the respect of some heavyweight music producers like Geo-logy (Mos Def, Talib Kweli), her current producer, Yoad Nevo and Guy Sigsworth, with whom Jem collaborated to write track six – “Nothing Fails” — on Madonna’s American Life.

All this should give Jem a big head, but it doesn’t. Instead she says, “I lay beside my Mom the other day and said to her ‘Mom, I’m recording an album, I’m finally recording an album’.”

Jem Singer

Here’s her recording of “Maybe I’m Amazed” featured in “The O.C.” series:

Photo courtesy of BMG Music.

Written by Faze’s Sam Thompson

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