Jesse Labelle Knows What It Takes To Succeed

Jesse Labelle

After years of working in the music industry, Jesse Labelle is finally in the spotlight. Before making it on his own, Jesse played guitar for Fefe Dobson—but it was inevitable that such a talented artist would end up centre stage. Some have pegged him as the next John Mayer, but he has a genuine sound that’s all his own.

When asked about his songwriting, Jesse tells us that perfect songs have to come from a place where the emotion is real, and in his song “Australia,” the emotion is gripping. Written for a girl who was returning from Australia after several months, the song captures his anxiety/excitement and enduring love for her.

Jesse is currently on a cross-Canada tour with Faber Drive to promote his EP Perfect Accident, which was released at the end of 2009.

If you’re looking to succeed like Jesse, he says the three keys to success are: belief in yourself, positivity and support. The future is shining brightly for Jesse, and Faze can’t wait to see what happens for him this year!

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