Jesse McCartney: A World Like This Tour

Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney—actor, singer,  performer—is going on tour this summer with DJ Pauly D and Backstreet Boys, as BSB celebrate 20 years in the industry. The tour kicks off in Chicago on August 2nd and makes several stops throughout the United States. Lucky for us, there are two Canadian dates before the tour wraps up on September 8th in San Fransisco.

Faze had the pleasure of asking Jesse some questions about his upcoming  tour and the release of his latest album.

What thoughts were running through your mind when you found out that you’d be touring with Backstreet Boys?
I thought about my first overseas tour when Backstreet Boys took me with them to the UK. They were all very cool to me…big brotherly. I’m really glad to be back with them and looking forward to travelling with them and DJ Pauly D. I think we’re all going to have a great time!

What should fans be most excited about for the upcoming shows?
They’re going to hear some new songs. I’m very excited to see their reaction. I’ll also be playing plenty of the fan favourites—the hits. Audiences are always actively listening during the new songs, but they tune-out if there are too many. When I tour, I try to make my set lists include more songs that the fans know and love, and give them enough of a taste of the new stuff, so that they want to hear more.

What is your favourite thing about being on tour?
First and foremost, it’s seeing the fans! I get high on their energy and seeing them face to face! I also love the sense of family with the band and crew.

What is your least favourite thing about being on tour?
Backstage catering isn’t always the best. You start craving a real, home-cooked meal!

Jesse McCartney

What’s next for you once the tour is over?
I’m going to get to work setting up the release of an independent album on my own label. I turned down major label offers because guys like Macklemore & Lewis, the Lumineers, Calvin Harris and many other established artists, like Backstreet Boys, are doing it on their own and topping the charts. It’s proven that no one has to be in the major label system anymore to succeed. It’s totally empowering!

It was recently announced that you will be releasing a new album this year. How will this album different from the others?
The beauty of being independent is that there’s no committee in the background editing what they want to release of mine. I get to choose. So this album will be more personal than anything I’ve done to date. I’ve also really gotten into a retro R &B thing that’s influenced by Michael Jackson, Motown and 80’s dance music mixed with contemporary melodies. There’s a timeless sound to it.

Anything else you’d like your fans to know about your upcoming tour and album release?
Just that I can’t wait to get back out there and see them!


Check out Jesse’s website for updates.

Above photo by Emily Soto

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