Jimmy Eat World Are Still Amazed By Their Own Success

For Jimmy Eat World, this last year has been about introducing people to their 2007 album Chase This Light, as well as re-introducing people to their 2001 breakthrough disc Bleed American, following its re-issue in 2008. That album may have been the fourth for the band—Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Rick Burch and Zach Lind—but it broke them into the mainstream with tracks like “The Middle” and “Sweetness.” Seven years later, the Arizona quartet is still as proud as ever about the album that commercially catapulted them. “It was a really cool time for the band. Bleed American marked our biggest success commercially, so it was a big turning point in our career as a band,” says Burch. “It’s hard for us to fully accept that [this success] has happened. It’s really cool, but it still seems like that’s something that happens to someone else; it’s so cool that it can’t be happening to us.”

 Jimmy Eat World

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