The Jonas Brothers Say One Last Goodbye To Their Fans With “V”

They’ve released two solo albums, appeared on Broadway and starred in a reality show. And that’s just what the Jonas Brothers have been up to during the past three years. The trio of brothers were one of the first on the post-90s boy band comeback train, making girls swoon (and scream) in 2007 with the release of their self-titled album and catchy hits including “S.O.S” and “Burnin’ Up.” Their success grew rapidly and the New Jersey natives found themselves touring the world, performing in sold-out stadiums, topping Billboard charts and selling over 20 million albums.

jonas-brothers-2013Jonas Brothers’ fans have stayed true during their hiatus, proving that once a Jonatic, always a Jonatic, with their first reunion show at Radio City Music Hall selling out in minutes last year. “When those curtains dropped down and we were about to walk out, we were out of breath. It was surreal,” Kevin says, describing the experience. “It was one of those times where you’re blown away that you still have this opportunity and that our fans stayed with us. We’re just happy to be back on the road again.”

Their new album V, which is the first to be released through the Jonas Brothers’ own label, looked to be the beginning of a bright new chapter for the guys. Fans were treated to a glimpse of the group’s new sound with the release of V’s lead single “Pom Poms” earlier this year. “It was kind of a transition song for us,” says Joe. “We understood that we have a lot of fans that we’re bringing into a new venture with us and we wanted them to follow us. It has similarities to previous music we’ve done, but I think it kind of plays with some of the lyrical content that we’re diving into more on this record. We’re really proud of that song and having it produced by Nick. It was kind of a strong first punch.”

However, the band released a farewell letter, announcing the official breakup. But, with all the love and support from fans around the globe, is this really the last we’ll hear from the original JB?


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