Jordyn Jones: A 15-Year-Old Triple Threat

photographer: Ben Miller-

Photographer: Ben Miller-

Style, talent, personality—fifteen-year-old Jordyn Jones has it all. She’s best known for her cover video of “Banji” by Sharaya.You may also know her from the Lifetime show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Since the show, Jordyn has gained international success and major popularity on social media, garnering over a million followers on Instagram and over 50 million views on YouTube. Currently, Jordyn is focusing on her music career. Her first original single, “I’m Dappin” premiered on Faze chatted with Jordyn to discuss her career and some projects that she’s working on.

You’re basically a triple threat; you sing, dance and act. How did it all begin?

 Jordyn: When I lived in Michigan, I went to dance every single night. I was in love with it. I suddenly just started getting noticed at competitions. I actually found my agent at a competition. Her name is Shayna Brouillard. She’s from Clear Talent Group Los Angeles. Shayna started giving me jobs and opportunities. We spent more time in L.A. than in Michigan so my family and I ended up moving to L.A. and since then it’s been amazing.

Most of your covers and songs are hip hop/rap. What do you love so much about the genre?

 Jordyn: Well I’m pretty feisty and sassy, so it totally fits my personality. It allows me to express myself. Since I’m a hip hop dancer and I’m a rapper, I can incorporate the two by dancing while I’m singing.

You’re so active on social media and interacting with fans—especially on YouTube. Why is it important to you, as an artist, to have a close relationship with your fans?

 Jordyn: Without the fans, I would be absolutely nothing. I would do anything to meet all my fans. Since I cannot meet them all, I want to be able to follow them or answer questions. Every week I do “Talk with Jordyn Tuesday.” My fans ask me questions and I try to respond to all of them. Sometimes I get 10,000 comments and sometimes I get 1,000, but no matter what I try to reply to as much as I can.

Speaking of YouTube—YouTube and Awesomeness Films recently announced that they’re co-producing a new film Dance Camp, which you’re starring in. Tell me about your role in the film.

Jordyn: So this is a YouTube movie produced by John Chu. I am one of the leads in the movie. I am a YOLO Captain. It’s so fun because I’ve heard about many of the people in the movie from before and I was a fan of some of them. Now I’ve gotten close with them and I think it’s so nice. I was looking up to these people, so it’s shocking to find that some of them were looking up to me as well. My choreographer is also the choreographer in the movie, so I think that’s great as well. I’m excited for the movie to come out. It was fun to film and a great experience.

Besides the new film, what other projects are you currently working on?

Jordyn: I am trying to work on more music, because I want to be able to put out as many songs as I can before the year is over. So pretty much in the studio once or twice a week. I’m either finishing a song or helping write a song. I’m also going to BeautyCon in New York City. I’m flying to Texas for a birthday party. I’ve been doing photo shoots. I’m busy, but very excited to be doing all this.


Photographer: Ben Miller-

At such a young age, how do you balance your busy schedule while still trying to have a somewhat normal teenage life?

Jordyn: I try my best to balance because I don’t want to throw away my kid years. When I’m not busy I’ll hang out with my friends or my boyfriend, go to football games. Maybe three times a week I get to do things like go to an amusement park or dinner.

What has been the coolest thing in your career so far?

 Jordyn: I would say the movie because I’ve always done a couple of modelling shots and YouTube videos, but being in a movie is something I never thought I’d be able to do.

What are you hoping to achieve in the next year or two?

 Jordyn: For my singing goal, I would love to go on a huge tour and hopefully get signed with a record label in 2016. For dancing, I either want to do a huge dance video or get asked to do Dancing With the Stars. For modelling, I want to model for Sherri Hill because I’m obsessed with her designs! I’d like to go to New York Fashion Week as well. Finally, for acting I want to do more movies!

To keep up with all the latest on Jordyn, visit her on Instagram and Twitter. Check out the video for her original single, “Im Dappin” below!

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