Katharine McPhee Was Born To Sing

Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee is by far the most talked about American Idol alum, and there’s clearly only one reason for that. This girl was born to be a star. From her big, sexy brown hair, to her perfect skin and cherub cheeks, this California-born singer screams all-American. With her first single, “Over It,” topping the charts in the States and gathering a decent following north of the border as well, what was it like finally getting into the studio for this natural-born talent?

“I wanted to make a record where people will feel like they know me, more than what they saw on American Idol,” McPhee told us during a brief stop in Toronto.

“I think people didn’t realize how young I was, because I can come off very professional.”

What’s next for this on-the-rise starlet? Well, McPhee took musical theatre as a young girl and has even enlisted the services of a top Hollywood agent. Unlike most of her American Idol counterparts, expect to see a lot more of this Idol.

One of McPhee’s fave beauty tips: prop a business card or credit card behind your lashes when applying mascara to avoid black spots on your expertly applied eye shadow.

Katharine McPhee

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