Katie Rox, Well, She Just Rocks

Katie Rox

You know her for her country-pop sound, her sweet smile and golden locks as the former lead singer of the hit group Jakalope. Now, Katie Rox is touring solo, landing in the Supermarket in Toronto this fall, performing hits from her new album Pony Up.

Released in June, Pony Up is composed of many tracks that have deep meaning for Katie.  Recorded not in the studio, but in her spare bedroom, Katie wanted the album to have that added personal touch. “That’s where I do all my writing,” she says, “so I thought it would be fun to record there.”

Katie Rox

From the time that you are born to when your old and grey, you get barrels of advice from people in your life. Katie decided to take all of the advice she got over the years and put it in one of her favorite songs from the album, “Airplane,” which was inspired by her husband. “I went through a period of being really lost and my husband said to me, ‘Just look at it this way: it’s kind of like you’re at the airport right now and you could get on any airplane you want.’ And he said it off the cuff; he didn’t even remember saying it to me.” But it obviously, it was the advice that stuck.

After her tour is completed, Katie plans on releasing mini episodes from her Japan tour, and possibly another EP with left over songs from her Pony Up session. “There’s a lot happening,” Katie says. So don’t expect this lady to slow down any time soon!

The show itself was amazing. You could immediately imagine, when Katie Rox hit the stage and started to sing, that instead of being in a small venue surrounded by a crowd of voices, you arounda campfire, under a starry sky. She is totally in her element grooving to her own beat and carrying on even when she hits a glitch–which she did, accidently starting a song in the wrong key on her guitar, but she just kept going and grooving on.

Other performer’s included Katie Rox’s tour mate, Lesley Pike, Andy Brown and Bright Light Social Hour.

Katie Rox Pony Up

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