Kevin Lyttle: Who’s Laughing Now?

“People would throw stones at my shower and laugh at me,” says Kevin Lyttle. Today the St. Vincent native’s self-titled debut album is quickly gathering worldwide recognition and he’s the one who’s doing all the laughing — from pure joy. After first reaching number one status in the Caribbean, Kevin is rapidly climbing the charts all over the world with his unique blend of Soul and Calypso that he likes to call, “Soca with a twist.”

Remembering his modest beginnings and humble upbringing is very important to Kevin, “My mom only had a little transistor radio that I listened to all day and all night, cause at first we didn’t even have a TV. I had almost nothing and my mom alone supported not only me but my grandmother and great grandmother, too.”

Starting out was hard he says, “Lots of people made fun of me and would tell me I couldn’t do it and even tell me I was crazy, but I just did what I wanted and learned that anything I put my mind to I could do.”

To Kevin Lyttle life is simple and his message is clear, “My music is all about being happy, and happiness to me is being able to touch people in a positive way in whatever I do — and that my life means something to someone.”

Kevin Lyttle

Here’s Kevin Lyttle and the video for his worldwide hit “Turn Me On”

Written by Faze’s Jayne Rae

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