Kill The Lights: A Fresh New Sound On The Canadian Scene

Faze spoke with Yann Geoffroy, drummer for Kill The Lights and found out their new album, Buffalo of Love, draws influence from the music scenes across Canada.

Kill The Lights

Faze: Describe your music.
Yann: Melodic and energetic!

F: What artists influence you?
Y: The Cure, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, and Broken Social Scene.

F: What inspires you to make music?
Y: Expression of self and the endless stream of creativity that goes into it. Music inspires me to make music.

F: Does your music reflect who you are and you life experiences?
Y: Very much. Not personal stuff like ex-girlfriends, but the energy or state of mind between people.

F: Your lead vocalist is a girl. Can girls be as successful as guys in rock music?
Y: Definitely. The lead singer of one of my favourite bands right now, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is Karen O.


Written by Faze intern, Yanyi Ma

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