How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Some of Your Fire Protection Equipment?

Fire Protection Equipment - Fire Extinguisher

Operation any type of business means that you have to think long and hard about fire safety. This is not a one-and-done thing. Over time, you’ll need to think about replacing everything from fire extinguishers to installing one of the newer Herbert Williams fire sprinklers systems. How will you know the time is right? If one or more of the following apply, start looking into replacements.

You Can’t Remember When You Installed It

How long has the equipment been in place? If you can’t answer that question readily, go through your files and find the purchase and installation dates. A good rule of thumb is to use the same standard that applies to fire extinguishers. Many expert recommend that they be replaced after 12 years. That’s true even if they seem to be in good working order.

Remember that the last thing you need is for any of the equipment to fail if a fire should break out. From sprinklers to extinguishers to safety lights, everything must work perfectly. Opting to go with higher quality equipment that’s state of the art is an investment in the safety of you and anyone else who occupies the space.

The Current Setup is Barely Meeting Current Standards

Since you’re diligent about having everything inspected regularly, it’s no surprise that some of the equipment barely passes local safety standards. It wasn’t always like that; at one time, everything was well within the standards. What happened? The standards became more demanding and the equipment has aged.

If you leave everything in place, the day will come when it no longer passes inspection. At that time, you’ll have to move fast to get back into compliance. Making changes now helps to ensure there is no scrambling to avoid fines, temporary shut-downs, and similar problems.

Replacement Parts are Getting Hard to Find

Most fire protection products will need repairs from time to time. Is it getting more difficult to find the necessary parts? Maybe the original manufacturer no longer makes them and third-party manufacturers have taken over. If you want to keep everything in top shape, it’s time to invest in newer products and once again enjoy the benefits of original parts when replacements are needed.

Fire Protection Equipment - Smoke Detector

You’re Upgrading Other Aspects of the Facility

There are other changes afoot at your facility. Perhaps you’re expanding certain areas of the production floor or possibly adding more space to the research lab or the warehouse. With all of those changes, you need to rethink the setup for the fire safety measures. It could be that what you have in place right now can’t be restructured to provide adequate protection. If that’s true, the only practical thing to do is call in a professional and come up with a new plan for fire safety and protection. Anything that can’t be salvaged from the current setup will need to be replaced even as you invest in additional equipment.

Take fire safety seriously. While the hope is that you never have a fire at the facility, it’s important to ensure everything is ready just in case. All it takes is one event to make all of the expense and the preparation worth the effort, especially if those efforts save lives.

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